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pedalboard - 🎛 🔊 A Python library for adding effects to audio.

  •    C++

pedalboard is a Python library for adding effects to audio. It supports a number of common audio effects out of the box, and also allows the use of VST3® and Audio Unit plugin formats for third-party effects. It was built by Spotify's Audio Intelligence Lab to enable using studio-quality audio effects from within Python and TensorFlow. Internally at Spotify, pedalboard is used for data augmentation to improve machine learning models. pedalboard also helps in the process of content creation, making it possible to add effects to audio without using a Digital Audio Workstation.

AUSequencer - (WIP) MIDI Sequencer Audio Unit

  •    Objective-C++

An example project/playground for a custom Audio Unit MIDI Sequencer that you can edit the steps (inluding the step count and the MIDI events (note, pitch, cc) of each step) and work with both Audiobus MIDI and AKMIDI in Ableton Link sync. Also, a future base for MIDI sequencer AUv3 plugin. Main idea is creating an AudioUnit within an AKNode and initilize Audiobus audio sender port with that audio unit. Also, we are going to need a pair of Audiobus MIDI sender and receiver ports as well.

Camomile - A dynamic plugin that loads Pure Data patches

  •    C++

Camomile is a plugin with Pure Data embedded that offers to load and to control patches inside a digital audio workstation. The plugin is available as VST, VST3 and Audio Unit for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

audiounitjs - Scaffolding Script for Mac/iOS audio applications with HTML UI.

  •    C++

audiounit.js is an Xcode project scaffold for creating audio software (effects, analyzers and synthesizers) for OS X and iOS. The audio processing code is written in C++, and the UI code is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Writing the audio processing and UI code will produce an iOS app, a Mac app, and a Mac Audio Unit plug-in that will work in professional audio software like Digital Performer, Logic, or Live. Unfortunately, audiounit.js does not make the actual signal processing code any easier. You still have to write an Audio Unit in C++, which is not an easy task for a beginner programmer.

MIDIPianoRollView - Customisable UIScrollView subclass for rendering/editing MIDI notes on a piano roll view

  •    Swift

Customisable UIScrollView subclass for rendering/editing MIDI notes on a piano roll view. Create a MIDIPianoRollView either from storyboard (subclass from UIScrollView) or programmatically.

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