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dd-core - Rust-based VST plugin development library with hardware accelerated GUI support.

  •    Rust

NOTE: This library is undergoing major changes, abandoning conrod support in favor of a custom gui layer. The progress of the gui front end can be followed at https://github.com/robsaunders/dd-gui - expect an update here within a few days. Simple library for developing VST2 plugins in 100% rust. The Steinberg SDK is not required (thankfully), and I believe therefore your code will not be subject to Steinbergs lame license. Most complexity is abstracted away and the user need only focus on what's important - processing dsp and accessing a simple immediate mode UI via conrod. I'll be looking to move away from conrod as rust matures and better alternatives appear (or I develop my own), as conrod is a truly horrible experience, but for now, using it via dd_core isn't too painful.

vst-cmake - A cross-platform CMake-based template for designing VST audio plug-ins.

  •    C++

This is a CMake template for developing VST2.4 audio plug-ins on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Simply changing the CMakeLists.txt to point to your VST SDK will be sufficient to build the classic "AGain" sample project. This template has support for Visual Studio projects, Xcode projects, and standard Makefile projects.

rust-vst - VST 2.4 API implementation in rust. Create plugins or hosts.

  •    Rust

Join the Rust VST chat (for web users, make sure you're registered/logged in) PLEASE READ: when you join, introduce yourself as a human! We get a lot of bot spam. A library to help facilitate creating VST plugins in rust.

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