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ASP.NET MVC Attribute Based Route Mapper

This is a helper extension which automatically registers all website routes containing inside custom attributes in ASP.NET MVC controller methods.


MvcTemplates is a project devoted to creating a complete suite of Razor Editor and Display templates that utilize attributes, built in models, and jQuery. It is developed in C# and packages the templates into an easy to use dll.


Simple library to simplify storage of application data when a bulky dedicated database is cumbersome and unnecessary


A plug-in for PostSharp aimed to automate state management in ASP.NET controls. It enables storing field / properties values of controls just by decorating them with custom attribute. One can also decide if he wants to store value in ViewState or ControlState.

SmartInspect Unity Interception Extension

This a library to integrate and use the SmartInspect logging tool with the Unity dependency injection and AOP framework. Various attributes help you to quickly instrument your application with useful logging calls.

MVC Error Handling Services

Unlike other error handling projects, MVC Error Handling Services (MVCEHS) has been built to work exclusively with the MVC framework. Once added and configured, MVCEHS gives you error handling capabilities without changing a single line of code.


InternalClasses is a collection of common methods that are reusable across all components in a project. It performs things like simple logging, validation, attribute validation based on assembly injection, and dynamic method operations to reduce the reflection costs.

Enumeration of objects Class Library C#

At core level in Java I like extension of traditional enum type permiting use as the elements instances of a class. The project implements the same idea by C# with some more advanced features like a set type with boolean operators extending idea of FlagsAttribute

svg-element-attributes - Map of SVG elements to allowed attributes

Map of SVG elements to allowed attributes. Also contains global attributes under '*'.Includes attributes from SVG 1.1, SVG Tiny 1.2, and SVG 2.

aurelia-chart - A chart element for aurelia which is powered by chart js using html5 canvas.

A simple binding to let aurelia and chartjs (2.x) come together for the greater good. It supports the basic graph types and should work with any custom ones.

aurelia-files - A simple attribute plugin for Aurelia to simplify loading files with the HTML5 FileReader

A simple aurelia attribute to allow you to load files into the browser, using the HTML5 FileReader functionality, also supports drag and drop. As shown above you can hook into any of the file loading events and get access to the data to display things like progress bars, and custom file filters, which although the accepts attribute should enforce this for you but does not currently work in all browsers. So in this case you can constrain loaded files and just ignore ones that dont match the pattern. Finally it is loading the data as a binary string in the above example, however this can be converted to use other supported types.

markdown-it-modify-token - markdown-it plugin for modifying tokens in a markdown document

markdown-it plugin for modifying tokens including content or element attributes in the markdown document. For example it can modify image or link attributes. Due to the token types we are handling in our switch statement, we can affect both image and link attributes.

babel-plugin-react-html-attrs - Babel plugin which transforms selected HTML attributes in JSX to their React equivalents

Transforms JSX class attributes into className and for attributes into htmlFor, allowing you to copy and paste HTML into your React components without having to manually edit these particular attributes each time. Read facebook/react#4433 for the reasoning behind why React treats these attributes the way it does and the potential gotchas which await you if you use this plugin (an old version of the JSX transformer used to perform this transformation).