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together - The together project: an IndieWeb experience

  •    Javascript

The together project is an IndieWeb environment for reading, discovering, and interacting with content. You might call it a reader. Together is a React based application. To use it, you'll need a website that supports Micropub, IndieAuth and Microsub.

feedburst - A tool to consume comic RSS feeds and present them to you in bunches, on a schedule of your choosing

  •    Rust

Feedburst is a tool that presents you your RSS feeds in chunks, according to a policy that you set. The "Title" is whatever title you’d like to display the comic as. The <link> is a link to the RSS feed to pull the comics from. The @policy are rules for when and how you’d like that comic feed to be presented to you.

FeedParser - An RSS and Atom feed parser written in Swift

  •    Swift

FeedParser and been renamed FeedKit and moved to a new repository. The sole reason for deprecating the FeedParser repository lies under the need to rename the framework while keeping a consistent use of it's new name. The new repository FeedKit will be under active development and maintenance.

gorss - Go RSS Reader

  •    Go

Simple RSS/Atom reader written in Golang. Highly configurable and with themes. Currently there are no installation packages. But there exists prebuilt binaries for Linux and OSX.