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gofeed - Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Go

  •    Go

The gofeed library is a robust feed parser that supports parsing both RSS and Atom feeds. The universal gofeed.Parser will parse and convert all feed types into a hybrid gofeed.Feed model. You also have the option of parsing them into their respective atom.Feed and rss.Feed models using the feed specific atom.Parser or rss.Parser.It also provides support for parsing several popular predefined extension modules, including Dublin Core and Apple’s iTunes, as well as arbitrary extensions. See the Extensions section for more details.

feedhq - FeedHQ is a web-based feed reader

  •    Python

Then deploy the Django app using the recipe that fits your installation. More documentation on the Django deployment guide. The WSGI application is located at feedhq.wsgi.application.

rss-atom-bundle - RSS and Atom Bundle for Symfony

  •    PHP

You can try rss-atom-bundle through its Demo. That's it. To check the installation, you can start your application and hit http://localhost:8000/rss in your browser. You should see a mock RSS stream.

feedbridge - Plugin based RSS feed generator for sites that don't offer any

  •    Go

Is a tool (Hosted version / Demo: feedbridge.notmyhostna.me) to provide RSS feeds for sites that don't have one, or only offer a feed of headlines. For each site—or kind of site—you want to generate a feed for you'll have to implement a plugin with a custom scraping strategy. Feedbridge doesn't persist old items so if it's not on the site you are scraping any more it won't be in the feed. Pretty similar to how most feeds these days work that only have the latest items in there. It publishes Atom, RSS 2.0, and JSON Feed Version 1 conform feeds. There are a bunch of web apps doing something similar, some of them you can even drag and drop selectors to create a feed. That didn't work well for the site I was trying it for so I decided to built this. (Also it was fun doing so).

PrivateGalleryCreator - Create private extension galleries for Visual Studio

  •    CSharp

This project creates a private extension gallery that can be consumed by Visual Studio to side-load extensions that are not on the official marketplace. You may want to use this to provide a marketplace of private extensions for testing purposes or for extensions that are for internal use only.

temboz - The Temboz RSS/Atom feed reader

  •    Python

Temboz is a web-based RSS/Atom aggregator and feed reader that focuses on saving you time by letting you filter out articles you are not interested in. It is inspired by FeedOnFeeds (web-based personal aggregator), Google News (two column layout) and TiVo (thumbs up and down).

gorss - Go RSS Reader

  •    Go

Simple RSS/Atom reader written in Golang. Highly configurable and with themes. Currently there are no installation packages. But there exists prebuilt binaries for Linux and OSX.