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AJAX Control Toolkit

  •    ASPNET

The AJAX Control Toolkit is a collection of samples and components which make it easier than ever to build and consume rich client-side controls and extenders built on the Microsoft AJAX Library and ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions. The Toolkit provides both ready to go samples and...

atlas - A powerful Android Dynamic Component Framework.

  •    Java

A powerful Android Dynamic Component Framework.Atlas is an Android client-side containerization framework. we call it android dynamic component framework.

Ajax Sprite Toolkit


The Ajax Sprite Toolkit is a collection of ASP.NET AJAX Controls and Behaviors that aid in the development of 2D sprite based games that run in a web browser.

font-atlas - Populate a <canvas> element with a font texture atlas

  •    Javascript

Populate a <canvas> element with a font texture atlas – can be used to quickly generate bitmap fonts.MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

canvas-text - [experiment] better Canvas2D text rendering

  •    Javascript

Easier Canvas2D text rendering.This still has some bugs that is cutting off text in places. If you'd like to contribute, drop me a line in the issues. For now, the current version is unstable 0.x and undocumented until bugs are smoothed out.

vscode-terraform-snippets - Advanced Terraform Snippets for Visual Studio Code

  •    Javascript

Provides 550+ code snippets of Hashicorp's Terraform cloud orchestration tool for Visual Studio Code. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Space (Windows, Linux) or Cmd+Space (OSX) to activate snippets from within the editor.

neuroshapes - Open SHACL schemas for F.A.I.R. neuroscience data

  •    Scala

The goal of Neuroshapes is the development of open, use case driven and shared validatable data models (schemas, vocabularies) to enable the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) for basic, computational and clinical neuroscience (meta)data. The data models developed thus far entities for electrophysiology, neuron morphology, brain atlases, in vitro electrophysiology and computational modeling. Future developments could include brain imaging, transcriptomic and clinical form data, as determined by community interests. the use of standard semantic markups and linked data principles as ways to structure metadata and related data: the W3C RDF format is leveraged, specifically its developer friendly JSON-LD serialization. The adoption of linked data principles and JSON-LD will ease federated access and discoverability of distributed neuroscience (meta)data over the web.

AtlasTriangle - Allow to use atlas packed with triangles with such tools as SpriteUV2 or TexturePacker for Haxe language

  •    Haxe

Allow to use atlas packed with triangles with such tools as SpriteUV2 or TexturePacker for Haxe language. For now, there is no renderer included (TODO).

uk-atlas - Produces various geojson and topojson boundary files for the UK

  •    Makefile

Run 'make all' to produce them. Required packages: topojson and ogr2ogr (gdal library).

atlas-guide - Atlas is living styleguide & pattern library static site generator with extensive CSS monitoring and components info that could be used virtually with any scss/css project

  •    Javascript

Atlas is living style-guide, pattern library, guidelines and documentation static site generator with extensive styles monitoring and Sass components reports. It generates documentation from markdown files and documentation comment in scss files. It is opinionated. Because it is, probably, impossible to cover all cases in CSS/Sass. It designed primarily as "style-guide driven development" tool with focus on splited files approach and incapsulated components with normative Sass imports structure.

atlas-js-core - JavaScript SDK Core for Zalando Checkout, Guest Checkout, and Catalog APIs

  •    Javascript

This SDK covers the functionality provided by team Atlas' (aka Distributed Commerce) APIs, namely, Checkout, Guest Checkout, and Catalog APIs. Those APIs, and in turn this SDK, provide our partners a more streamlined access the Zalando shopping platform to enable our customers to purchase wherever they are.


  •    Lua

AdvancedTradeSkillWindow Улучшенное окно профессий. Atlas Все для подземелий: показывает карту подземелий, задания для них, дроп с боссов и профит с профессий.

mongoDB-Atlas - Best Practices of mongoDB in general and the cloud version of the database(Atlas)


This repo is a collection of mongoDB's best practices & features of Atlas. I was reading a bunch of articles, blogs & medium posts on mongoDB. So, I wanted to aggregate all the nuances and best practices into one place. At the time of writing, MongoDB is one of the 255 NoSQL databases. When compared to relational databases, NoSQL in general are more scalable and provide superior performance. Both SQL & NoSQL databases have their unique advantages and trade off. NoSQL databases are chosen for their schema-less model and highly scalable system. According to CAP theorem, any distributed system can only satisfy two of these three Qualities namely, Consistent, Availability & Partition tolerance.

keyhole - MongoDB Performance Measurement and Analytics

  •    Go

Keyhole is a performance analytics tool, written in GO (Golang), to collect stats from MongoDB instances and to measure performance of a MongoDB cluster. Moreover, keyhole can read MongoDB full-time diagnostic data (FTDC) data and is integrated with Grafana's Simple JSON plugin seamlessly. Golang was chosen to eliminate the needs to install an interpreter or 3pp modules. With Keyhole, experienced users should be able to spot performance issues and to determine whether upgrades are needed quickly from a few minutes of testing and analyzing the results. Keyhole supports TLS/SSL connections.

AtlasImage - AtlasImage is a graphic component use SpriteAtlas for uGUI

  •    CSharp

AtlasImage is a graphic component use SpriteAtlas for uGUI. In addition, add useful sprite picker and border editor to the inspector.

Alexa-Atlas-Skill - :globe_with_meridians: Alexa skill for a simple atlas game in java

  •    Java

A sample skill for alexa using which users can play 'Atlas' game, a renowned game in which next user has to say a country name that starts with the letter, the previous country name ended. When user asks Alexa to start a new game, Alexa responds with a random country name. User can then say next country, and game goes on. Alexa : Let us start a new game. I give you togo. You tell country with o.

atlas-design - Atlas Design System serves the Microsoft Developer Relations design & engineering teams

  •    SCSS

Welcome to the Atlas Design project! This repository holds the source code backing the Atlas Design System. The Atlas Design System strives to empower designers, PMs, and developers to build accessible, high quality, and consistent experiences at scale across the DevRel web properties.

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