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redash - Make Your Company Data Driven

  •    Python

Redash is our take on freeing the data within our company in a way that will better fit our culture and usage patterns. Prior to Redash, we tried to use traditional BI suites and discovered a set of bloated, technically challenged and slow tools/flows. What we were looking for was a more hacker'ish way to look at data, so we built one.

Cube.js — Open-Source Analytical API Platform

  •    Javascript

Cube.js is an open-source analytical API platform. It is primarily used to build internal business intelligence tools or add customer-facing analytics to existing applications. Cube.js was designed to work with serverless data warehouses and query engines like Google BigQuery and AWS Athena. A multi-stage querying approach makes it suitable for handling trillions of data points. Most modern RDBMS work with Cube.js as well and can be further tuned for performance.

Athena: Modular CAD / CAM Software for Synthetic Biology

  •    DotNet

Synthetic biology is the engineering of cellular networks. It combines principles of engineering and the knowledge of biological networks to program the behavior of cells. Computational modeling techniques in conjunction with molecular biology techniques have been successful i...

MLCraft - Low-code business intelligence tool and a data science workflow

  •    Javascript

MLCraft is an open-source low-code business intelligence tool and a data science workflow. MLCraft was designed to query the data from several data warehouses and run machine learning experiments. Cube.js is used as a primary query layer and makes it suitable for handling trillions of data points. It is a full-stack data science platform that provides everything you need to build, manage and automate machine learning

athena - An automation platform with a plugin architecture that allows you to easily create and share services

  •    Shell

The key to optimize work is to automate as much as possible. Whether you are developing software, setting up infrastructure or even testing, if there is a chance to do it just take it.Most of the times the boring and frequent tasks can be automated. There are a lot of different tools and technologies that can help you with that, but sometimes starting is simply an hassle by itself and one might end up giving up and doing it "manually".

plugin-php - Plugin for Test Automation using PHP as a development language.

  •    PHP

Athena PHP Plugin is a plugin for Athena, that provides a PHP environment for you to execute and create different types of tests, and provides a fluent interface to short-cut and ease test development for PHP.For Tests that require Selenium and/or Proxy you also need to install the Athena Selenium Plugin and/or Athena Proxy Plugin.

voice-powered-analytics - Workshop to build voice enabled integration with data analytics

  •    Python

We expect most attendees to be able to complete the full workshop in 2 hours.To help keep moving through the sections in case you get stuck anywhere, we have provided CloudFormation templates and sample code.

metis - Helpers for Accessing and Querying Amazon Athena using R, Including a lightweight RJDBC shim

  •    R

Including a lightweight RJDBC shim. In Greek mythology, Metis was Athena’s “helper”.

amazon-athena-user-guide - The open source version of the Amazon Athena documentation


The open source version of the Amazon Athena documentation. To submit feedback & requests for changes, submit issues in this repository, or make proposed changes & submit a pull request. The documentation is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. See the LICENSE file.

athena-cli - Presto-like CLI tool for AWS Athena

  •    Python

Presto-like CLI tool for AWS Athena. The alternative is using the AWS CLI Athena sub-commands. A recent version of the aws CLI must be available on the PATH.

aws-etl-orchestrator - A serverless architecture for orchestrating ETL jobs in arbitrarily-complex workflows using AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda

  •    Python

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations collectively form the backbone of any modern enterprise data lake. It transforms raw data into useful datasets and, ultimately, into actionable insight. An ETL job typically reads data from one or more data sources, applies various transformations to the data, and then writes the results to a target where data is ready for consumption. The sources and targets of an ETL job could be relational databases in Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or on-premises, a data warehouse such as Amazon Redshift, or object storage such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets. Amazon S3 as a target is especially commonplace in the context of building a data lake in AWS. AWS offers AWS Glue, which is a service that helps author and deploy ETL jobs. AWS Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load service that makes it easy for customers to prepare and load their data for analytics. Other AWS Services also can be used to implement and manage ETL jobs. They include: AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), Amazon EMR (using the Steps API), and even Amazon Athena.

roto.athena - Access Amazon's AWS Athena API via reticulate and AWS official Python boto3 module

  •    R

This is a 'reticulated' wrapper for the 'Python' 'boto3' 'AWS' 'Athena' client library https://boto3.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/services/athena.html. It requires 'Python' version 3.5+ and an 'AWS' account. Tools are also provided to execute 'dplyr' chains asynchronously. This package requires Python >= 3.5 to be available and the boto3 Python module. The package author highly recommends setting RETICULATE_PYTHON=/usr/local/bin/python3 in your ~/.Renviron file to ensure R + reticulate will use the proper python version.

athenai - Have fun with Amazon Athena from command line! 🕊

  •    Go

Athenai is a simple and easy-to-use command line tool that runs SQL statements on Amazon Athena. With Athenai you can run multiple queries easily at a time on Amazon Athena and can see the results in table or CSV format interactively once the executions have finished.

AWR.Athena - Short R Wrapper for Athena JDBC connections

  •    R

This is an R client to interact with the AWS Athena service, including wrapper functions around the Athena JDBC package to query data stored in S3. Installing and loading the JDBC driver package is handled automatically.

amazon-ecs-fluent-bit-daemon-service - Fluent Bit plugin-based centralized log analysis across Amazon ECS & EKS clusters

  •    Shell

This repo contains the container runtime definitions and configurations for an end-to-end demo of the Amazon Fluent Bit plugin, showing a multi-cluster (ECS/EKS) log analysis, streaming the log data Kinesis Data Firehose to S3, where we then query the log data with Amazon Athena. See the blog: Centralized Container Logging with Fluent Bit.

athenadriver - A fully-featured AWS Athena database driver (+ athenareader https://github

  •    Go

📦 athenadriver - A fully-featured AWS Athena database driver for Go 🐚 athenareader - A moneywise command line utililty to query athena in command line. athenadriver is a fully-featured AWS Athena database driver for Go developed at Uber ATG. It provides a hassle-free way of querying AWS Athena database with Go standard library. It not only provides basic features of Athena Go SDK, but addresses some SDK's limitation, improves and extends it. Moreover, it also includes advanced features like Athena workgroup and tagging creation, driver read-only mode and so on.

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