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BrightFutures - Write great asynchronous code in Swift using futures and promises

  •    Swift

How do you leverage the power of Swift to write great asynchronous code? BrightFutures is our answer. BrightFutures implements proven functional concepts in Swift to provide a powerful alternative to completion blocks and support typesafe error handling in asynchronous code.

ProcedureKit - Advanced Operations in Swift

  •    Swift

A Swift framework inspired by WWDC 2015 Advanced NSOperations session. Previously known as Operations, developed by @danthorpe with a lot of help from our fantastic community. For Xcode 9.4, use 5.0.0-beta.1 which is a published pre-release. For Xcode 10 GM, use 5.0.0-beta.2.

Drogon - C++14/17 based HTTP Web Application Framework

  •    C++

Drogon is a C++14/17-based HTTP application framework. Drogon can be used to easily build various types of web application server programs using C++.It uses Use a non-blocking I/O network lib based on epoll high-concurrency, high-performance network IO, Completely asynchronous programming mode, HTTPS, WebSocket, Json format, gzip, brotli compression and lot more.

tarpc - An RPC framework for Rust with a focus on ease of use.

  •    Rust

Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product.tarpc is an RPC framework for rust with a focus on ease of use. Defining a service can be done in just a few lines of code, and most of the boilerplate of writing a server is taken care of for you.

Zio - A type-safe, composable library for async and concurrent programming in Scala

  •    Scala

ZIO is a zero-dependency Scala library for asynchronous and concurrent programming. It is powered by highly-scalable, non-blocking fibers that never waste or leak resources, ZIO lets you build scalable, resilient, and reactive applications that meet the needs of your business.

concurrencpp - Modern concurrency for C++

  •    C++

concurrencpp is a tasking library for C++ allowing developers to write highly concurrent applications easily and safely by using tasks, executors and coroutines. By using concurrencpp applications can break down big procedures that need to be processed asynchronously into smaller tasks that run concurrently and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the wanted result. concurrencpp also allows applications to write parallel algorithms easily by using parallel coroutines. concurrencpp is a task-centric library. A task is an asynchronous operation. Tasks offer a higher level of abstraction for concurrent code than traditional thread-centric approaches. Tasks can be chained together, meaning that tasks pass their asynchronous result from one to another, where the result of one task is used as if it were a parameter or an intermediate value of another ongoing task. Tasks allow applications to utilize available hardware resources better and scale much more than using raw threads, since tasks can be suspended, waiting for another task to produce a result, without blocking underlying OS-threads. Tasks bring much more productivity to developers by allowing them to focus more on business-logic and less on low-level concepts like thread management and inter-thread synchronization.

fasy - FP iterator helpers that are async/generator aware

  •    Javascript

fasy (/ˈfāsē/) is a utility library of FP array iteration helpers (like map(..), filter(..), etc), as well as composition and transducing. What's different from other FP libraries is that its methods are capable of operating asynchronously, via async function functions and/or function* generators. fasy supports both concurrent and serial asynchrony.

pycos - Concurrent, Asynchronous, Distributed, Communicating Tasks with Python

  •    Python

pycos is a Python framework for asynchronous, concurrent, distributed programming with tasks, asynchronous completions and message passing. Unlike with other asynchronous frameworks, programs developed with pycos have same logic and structure as programs with threads, except for a few syntactic changes - mostly using yield with asynchronous completions that give control to pycos's scheduler, which interleaves executions of tasks, similar to the way an operating system executes multiple processes. In addition, pycos has many additional features, including message passing for communication, distributed computing/programming etc.

multiple-counters-flutter - Flutter State Management [ setState ❖ StreamBuilder ❖ scoped_model ❖ redux ]

  •    Dart

Use case: manage multiple counters, synced with Firebase Database. The app uses Firebase as a source of truth for the state of the counters. This allows the data to be easily synced across multiple clients. Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore are both supported (see database.dart class).

chymyst-core - Declarative concurrency in Scala - The implementation of the chemical machine

  •    Scala

This repository hosts Chymyst Core — a domain-specific language for purely functional, declarative concurrency, implemented as a Scala library. Chymyst is a framework-in-planning that will build upon Chymyst Core to enable creating concurrent applications declaratively. The code is extensively tested under Oracle JDK 8 with Scala 2.11.8, 2.11.11, and 2.12.2-2.12.6.

QuickStreams - An asynchronous programming library for the QML programming language (Proof of Concept)

  •    C++

A proof of concept implementation of an asynchronous programming library for the QML and C++ programming languages inspired by Reactive Extensions, implementing the asynchronous streams paradigm. IMPORTANT NOTE: QuickStreams is an asynchronous programming experiment. Work on this particular repository was suspended due to lack of feedback. It's not yet clear whether the concept of programming in streams is relevant.

Hap - A simple concurrent programming language.

  •    C++

Hap is a dynamically typed, asynchronous, imperative programming language. Synchronous flow control statements such as if, while, and for are evaluated immediately. If the condition is true when the statement is reached, then the body is evaluated immediately, before proceeding to subsequent statements.

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