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CryptonCmd is cryptography toolset for encrypting and digital signing


CryptonCmd is simple toolset for basic cryptographic operations. It developed using C# 4.0 and VS2010. CryptonCmd includes command line utilites for encrypting, decrypting, signing, sign verification and cryptographic keys generation. Both symmetric and asymmetric algorithms a...

hybrid-rsa-stream - encrypt symmetric keys using asymmetric rsa keys

  •    Javascript

This hybrid approach is necessary because encrypting more than n/8-11 bytes with an asymmetric key is considered insecure, so the asymmetric key encrypts a generated key for a symmetric block cipher.Return a through stream enc that takes cleartext as input and produces ciphertext as output encrypted with a public key buffer or string publicKey in PEM or ssh-style format.

bulwark - A native Node.js addon that acts as an abstraction of the PKCS#11 API v2.20 from RSA.

  •    Javascript

Bulwark is a native Node.js addon that utilizes the RSA PKCS#11 API (v2.20) to perform cryptographic operations. This module, specifically, acts as a common layer upon which various vendor-specific additions can be made. Bulwark utilizes tjfontaine's excellent node-addon-layer which provides a nice Node.js add-on interface for C. This allows us to avoid writing the add-on in C++.

lockbox-nodejs - Simple, strong encryption.

  •    CoffeeScript

Simple, strong encryption. Lockbox is the simplest possible way to implement strong, two-way, public-key encryption for use in applications. Lockbox uses a combination of well-established technologies to ensure the safety of data. For more information, see the Lockbox website.

cry - Cross platform PoC ransomware written in Go

  •    Go

This project was written to show how easy it is to create extremely malicious code. Ransomware is designed to take your most loved files hostage demanding large amounts of money to unlock them.

CatCrypto - An easy way for hashing and encryption.

  •    C

CatCrypto also contains Swift bindings of Argon2, the password-hashing function that won the Password Hashing Competition (PHC). Context contains inputs and configures for function crypto.