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tolerant-php-parser - An early-stage PHP parser designed for IDE usage scenarios.

This is an early-stage PHP parser designed, from the beginning, for IDE usage scenarios (see Design Goals for more details). There is still a ton of work to be done, so at this point, this repo mostly serves as an experiment and the start of a conversation.After you've configured your machine, you can use the parser to generate and work with the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) via a friendly API.

PGIrony - Tookit & Examples for AST Generation with Irony

A tool-kit to ease AST generation,, and further ease grammr construction, with Irony.


Functional Silverlight Spreadsheet written in F# and bound to the DataGrid control.


Allows DLR expressions to be built with XML, and for that XML to be integrated directly with a XAML layout. Serialize and deserialize DLR expressions to XML.

spec-md - 📖 Additions to Markdown for writing specification documents

Renders Markdown with some additions into an HTML format commonly used for writing technical specification documents. Markdown additions include code syntax highlighting, edit annotations, and the definition of algorithms and grammar productions.Spec Markdown is first and foremost Markdown. As such, it follows Markdown's philosophy of intending to be as easy to read and easy to write as is feasible.

ngast - Parser for Angular projects.

Parsing tools for Angular. The project is an abstraction over the Angular compiler which provides friendly interface.

constantinople - Determine whether a JavaScript expression evaluates to a constant (using Acorn)

Determine whether a JavaScript expression evaluates to a constant (using acorn)

qunit-migrate - Migrate old QUnit tests to 2.x. Uses regex and ASTs to convert old QUnit code.

Migrate old QUnit code to 2.x.Various rules can be toggled through use of custom config which can be passed via -c option.

participle - A parser library for Go

The goal of this package is to provide a simple, idiomatic and elegant way of defining parsers in Go.Participle's method of defining grammars should be familiar to any Go programmer who has used the encoding/json package: struct field tags define what and how input is mapped to those same fields. This is not unusual for Go encoders, but is unusual for a parser.