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jekyll-assets - :art: Asset pipelines for Jekyll.

  •    Ruby

Jekyll Assets is a drop in asset pipeline that uses Sprockets to build specifically for Jekyll. It utilizes Sprockets, and Jekyll to try and achieve a clean, and extensible assets platform that supports plugins, caching, converting your assets. It even supports proxying of said assets in a way that does not interfere with either Sprockets, or Jekyll, or your own source. By default you can add Jekyll Assets to your Gemfile, as a plugin, and have it act as a drop-in replacement for Jekyll's basic SASS processors, with you only having to add it to your Gemfile, and updating your <img>, and <link>. The configuration file is the same as Jekyll's, which is _config.yml. Except we use the special key called assets inside of that file. All values listed below are default, you need not copy these into your configuration file unless you plan to change a value. Setting a value makes it explicit, and shared across both production, and development.

assimp - Official Open Asset Import Library Repository

  •    C++

A library to import and export various 3d-model-formats including scene-post-processing to generate missing render data. APIs are provided for C and C++. There are various bindings to other languages (C#, Java, Python, Delphi, D). Assimp also runs on Android and iOS.

asset_compress - An asset compression plugin for CakePHP

  •    PHP

Asset Compress is CakePHP plugin for helping reduce the number of requests, and optimizing the remaining requests your application makes for Javascript and CSS files. Copy the config/asset_compress.sample.ini from the plugin to your app's config/asset_compress.ini. From there read the wiki for more information.

bootstrap3-datetimepicker-rails - This gem packages the bootstrap-datetimepicker for the Rails 3

  •    Ruby

This gem packages the bootstrap-datetimepicker for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline. Eonasdan's fork of tarruda's bootstrap-datetimepicker is actively maintained and works with Bootstrap3.

Assets - An ultra-simple-to-use assets management library for PHP

  •    PHP

An ultra-simple-to-use assets management PHP library. The library is framework agnostic and it should work well with any framework or naked PHP application. Nevertheless, since the library is most popular between Laravel users the following instructions have been tailored for Laravel 5 framework (still on Laravel 4?). If you want to use the library in any other scenario please read the non static interface instructions.

hugulp - Hugo + Gulp starter project

  •    Shell

hugulp is a tool to optimize the assets of a Hugo website.The main idea is to recreate the famous Ruby on Rails Asset Pipeline, which minifies, concatenates and fingerprints the assets used in your website.

pwdcalc - Take no risk and help your users to choose good passwords!

  •    Ruby

Improve the user experience and security of your web application within just a few seconds by installing the pwdcalc gem. It extends your password fields with a strength bar and hint, enforcing a minimum complexity for security reasons. NOTE: It's required to wrap the control in pwdcalc-form-group.

mini-asset - A simple set of asset build tools that provides a simple config file and extensible integrations with pre-processors & minifiers

  •    PHP

Mini Asset is a small footprint library that provide tools to assist in building an asset minification/optimization pipeline. It uses a simple INI based configuration file that lets you define output files, that are comprised of a number of input files. Input files can be processed by filters on a per-extension or per file basis. Filters allow you to integrate existing pre-processors and minifiers or build your own. Before MiniAsset can do anything, you'll need to define a configuration file to define your asset and which filters apply to them. For example purposes, we'll assume you have some CSS files that need to be minified.

boot-asset-fingerprint - A boot task to add cache-busting fingerprints to html files

  •    Clojure

A boot task to add a cache-busting fingerprint to asset references in HTML files. To give an asset a fingerprint, surround the path reference with a ${...} syntax.

csso-rails - CSS Optimizer(csso) ruby wrapper for Rails Asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

Ruby adapter for github.com/css/csso. CSSO does structure-optimization for CSS. CSS is usually reduced more than in half in uncompressed and around 15% in gzipped.

jquery-slick-rails - Integrates Slick carousel, a jQuery plugin, into your Rails app.

  •    Javascript

A ruby gem that uses the Rails asset pipeline to include the jQuery Slick plugin by Ken Wheeler (https://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/).

webpack-asset-pipeline - 🚀 A missing link for the asset pipeline alternative with Webpack.

  •    Javascript

A missing link for the asset pipeline alternative with Webpack. This plugin can be used to flush a list of your assets to a manifest.json file and replace the asset pipeline.

sprockets-standalone - Rack task library for using Sprockets standalone.

  •    Ruby

Rack task library for using Sprockets standalone. You can give a name to the task that will be used for namespacing. The example above will generate the rake tasksassets:compile, assets:clobber and assets:clean. Default value for name is assets.

sprockets-bumble_d - Facilitating incremental migration of a large Sprockets-powered javascript codebase to ES6 modules

  •    Ruby

Babel + UMD = BumbleD. Incrementally migrate your Sprockets-powered javascript to ES6 modules by transforming them to UMD modules that preserve your existing global references. ES6 modules are the future. The syntax is great: it's concise and straightforward, and the static and explicit nature of import and export statements make your code a complete spec of its dependencies and how to resolve them. This means that moving to ES6 modules also makes moving away from Sprockets //= require directives for javascript bundling (and Sprockets in general) much easier.

Sprockets-PHP - Sprockets for PHP

  •    PHP

It's primarily meant to deal with JS and CSS but can as well be used for HTML (HAML, Twig, Slim...). You can add your own filters in a very flexible way (see below). You have to create an instance of Sprockets\Pipeline. The argument is the array of "base paths" from where the Pipeline has to search files.

fannypack - The tool belt for front-end developers

  •    Javascript

The tool belt for front-end developers. Fannypack is a lean, lightning-fast build system that suits any application.

core - :fire: Antares Core Implemenation

  •    PHP

Antares Core documentation docs.antaresproject.io/php-framework/antares-concepts/modules. Full Antares documentation can be found at docs.antaresproject.io/php-framework.

frontend-bundle - A modern frontend development workflow for Symfony apps

  •    PHP

A modern frontend development workflow for Symfony apps. This project is deprecated. Use Webpack Encore instead.

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