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assume - Expect-like assertions that works seamlessly in node and browsers

  •    Javascript

Assume is an expect inspired assertion library who's sole purpose is to create a working and human readable assert library for browsers and node. The library is designed to work with different assertion styles. I've been trying out a lot of libraries over the last couple of years and none of the assertion libraries that I found "tickled my fancy". They either only worked in node or had really bad browser support. I wanted something that I can use starting from Internet Explorer 5 to the latest version while maintaining the expect like API that we all know and love. Writing tests should be dead simple and not cause any annoyances. This library attempts to achieve all of this.

fluent-asserts - DLang fluent assertions done right

  •    D

Writing unit tests is easy with Dlang. The unittest block allows you to start writing tests and to be productive with no special setup. Unfortunately the assert expression does not help you to write expressive asserts, and in case of a failure it's hard to find why an assert failed. The fluent-asserts library allows you to more naturally specify the expected outcome of a TDD or BDD-style test.

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