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Ocelot - .NET core API Gateway

  •    CSharp

Ocelot is a .NET Api Gateway. This project is aimed at people using .NET running a micro services / service orientated architecture that need a unified point of entry into their system. However it will work with anything that speaks HTTP and run on any platform that asp.net core supports. In particular I want easy integration with IdentityServer reference and bearer tokens.

live.asp.net - Code for live.asp.net, which hosts the ASP.NET Community Stand-up

  •    CSharp

Code for the ASP.NET Community Stand-up site.This project now requires Visual Studio 2017 RC build 15.0.0-RC.3+26127.0 or higher, or if using the .NET CLI with VS Code or an OmniSharp enabled editor, .NET Core SDK 1.0 RC3 build 004530 or higher.

DotNetArchitecture - Architecture cross-platform with

  •    CSharp

Solution to apply and share new knowledge and technologies and to serve as architecture for new projects. Web: This layer contains the api and the frontend, responsible for interaction with the user to obtain and display data.

ANCLAFS - ASP.NET Core Library and Framework Support

  •    CSharp

In the process of writing a book on ASP.NET Core and .NET Core, I've done lots of research into what .NET libraries and frameworks are currently supported by these new platforms. Here are the results (and more), hopefully you'll find this useful. Obviously these will change (and hopefully grow) over time. Send me a pull request if you'd like to make a correction or add something. This is a living document.To the extent possible under law, James Singleton has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

Winton.AspNetCore.Seo - Makes it easy to add search engine metadata to your ASP.NET Core website

  •    CSharp

You no longer have to look up the format of each of these separate protocols, or pollute your HTML with tons of <meta> tags. It also gives you the flexibility to define the behaviour of how these files are generated at runtime. This is useful because it means you can do things such as inform search engine bots not to crawl your development and staging sites, but allow them to index the production version, without having to write and maintain three separate files.

active-directory-b2c-dotnetcore-webapp - An ASP

  •    CSharp

This sample shows how to build an MVC web application that performs identity management with Azure AD B2C using the ASP.Net Core OpenID Connect middleware. It assumes you have some familiarity with Azure AD B2C. If you'd like to learn all that B2C has to offer, start with our documentation at aka.ms/aadb2c. The app is a dead simple web application that performs three functions: sign-in, sign-up, and sign-out. It is intended to help get you started with Azure AD B2C in a ASP.NET Core application, giving you the necessary tools to execute Azure AD B2C policies & securely identify uses in your application.

nlayerappv3 - Domain Driven Design (DDD) N-LayeredArchitecture with .Net Core 2

  •    CSharp

This N-Layered Architecture with .Net Core 2.1 project (NLayerAppV3) is retro rebuild new code project based on DDD N-LayeredArchitecture Version 2. It contains all DDD Layers where the developer and software architect may reuse to implement a .Net Core WebApi (Version 2.1) for Banking and Blog Contexts. Why to use .NET Core 2.1? We need to use this version because of EF Core Complex Types - Value Object implementation (OwnsOne) and TransactionScope implementation using in Application Layer. This project is a tribute to the recent visit to Madrid of Cesar de la Torre in order to give us an amazing conference called 'Microservices Architectures' [https://geeks.ms/plainnews/2017/05/04/microservices-architectures/]. Browse to http://localhost:5000/ to see the result.

StoredProcedureEFCore - Entity Framework Core extension to execute stored procedures and map the result to a custom model

  •    TSQL

DbContext extension with LoadStoredProc method which creates an IStoredProcBuilder to build a stored procedure with a custom mapping strategy using the provided DbDataReader extension. Exec, ExecNonQuery, and ExecScalar have a corresponding async method.