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AlbumViewerVNext - West Wind Album Viewer ASP.NET Core and Angular Sample

  •    Javascript

This is a sample ASP.NET Core application that demonstrates basic features of ASP.NET Core in an API backend application with an Angular frontend. The application allows browsing and editing of a list of albums and artists interactively. The sample also includes a few Server Side Rendered MVC pages for browsing and viewing of albums and artists. I'll be adding the edit pages at a later point.

react-aspnet-boilerplate - A starting point for building isomorphic React applications with ASP

  •    Javascript

A starting point for building universal/isomorphic React applications with ASP.NET Core 1, leveraging existing front-end approaches. Uses the JavaScriptViewEngine. This approach is great for front-end developers because it gives them complete control to build their app as they like. No .NET crutches (bundling/razor). No opinions. No gotchas. Just another typical React client-side application, but with the initial state provided by ASP.NET for each URL.

NetCoreCMS - NetCoreCMS is a modular theme supported Content Management System developed using ASP

  •    Javascript

NetCoreCMS is a Content Management System developed using ASP.Net Core 2.0. It is usable as web application framework. This is a modular theme supported web application. NetCoreCMS also support multiple language. This time we have added language support for only English and Bangla. The software is complete for internal testing which can be performed by people other than its developers. The testers are within the same organization or community.

squidex-samples - Samples for Squidex

  •    Javascript

This repository contains samples for Squidex CMS.

SignalRSample - Real-time Charts with ASP.NET Core SignalR and Chart.js.

  •    Javascript

The JavaScript Chart.js part was originally written by Simon Brunel and is available here.

AspNetCoreHybridFlowWithApi - ASP

  •    Javascript

ASP.NET Core MVC application using API, OpenID Connect Hybrid flow , second API

Joonasw.ManagedIdentityDemos - Example uses of Azure Managed Identities

  •    Javascript

There is also a demo of calling a custom API, which is in the Joonasw.ManagedIdentityDemos.CustomApi folder. For local development you will need the 2.2 .NET Core SDK (currently preview 2). If you use Visual Studio, currently you'd need at least VS 2017.

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