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escalator - Escalator is a batch or job optimized horizontal autoscaler for Kubernetes

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It is designed for large batch or job based workloads that cannot be force-drained and moved when the cluster needs to scale down - Escalator will ensure pods have been completed on nodes before terminating them. It is also optimised for scaling up the cluster as fast as possible to ensure pods are not left in a pending state. The need for this autoscaler is derived from our own experiences with very large batch workloads being scheduled and the default autoscaler not scaling up the cluster fast enough. These workloads can't be force-drained by the default autoscaler and must complete before the node can be terminated.

bash-my-aws - Bash functions for managing AWS resources simply and easily

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bash-my-aws assists Infrastructure Jockeys using Amazon Web Services from the command line. This project provides short, memorable commands for realtime control of resources in Amazon AWS. The goal is to reduce the time between intention and effect.

aws-auto-scaling - Some of the code used to set up an auto-scaling infrastructure on Amazon AWS

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Throughout this project, "obelix-appengine" refers to a sample web service which has to replaced by your service. Sample latest.txt and latest-stable.txt files created by Jenkins builds which are stored in S3 corresponding to each service.

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