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"Ascend.Net" Windows Forms Controls

  •    DotNet

"Ascend.NET" Windows forms controls are a collection of .NET custom controls implemented in C# targeting Visual Studio 2005. The controls are designed to be flexible, but not overly complicated and are reliable under tough conditions.

Ascend 3D

  •    DotNet

Ascend is a powerful yet lightweight library for creating rich 3D .NET applications.

Noboru - Silverlight 3 Controls

  •    Silverlight

Noboru (Japanese for ascend) is a library of Silverlight 3 based controls. Our goal is to give programmers a set of RIA controls that allow Office 2010 like user interfaces. The controls are implemented in C# and target Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio 3.

array-sort - Fast and powerful array sorting

  •    Javascript

Fast and powerful array sorting. Sort an array of objects by one or more properties. Any number of nested properties or custom comparison functions may be used. If custom functions are supplied, array elements are sorted according to the return value of the compare function. See the docs for Array.sort() for more details.