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terraform-provider-artifactory - Terraform provider for managing Artifactory

  •    Go

Provides support for creating groups in Artifactory. This resource requires Artifactory Pro v2.4.0 or later.

drone-artifactory - Drone plugin for publishing build artifacts to Artifactory

  •    Javascript

Drone plugin to publish files and artifacts to Artifactory. For the usage information and a listing of the available options please take a look at the docs.

artifactory-on-openshift - This is Artifactory on OpenShift, a containerized version of Artifactory OSS with an OpenShift template

  •    Shell

This is Artifactory on OpenShift, a containerized version of Artifactory with an OpenShift template. All the work has been summarized in JFrog Artifactory on OpenShift Container Platform.

artifactory-debian - :wrench: :package: Tools to use Artifactory as a Debian (APT) repository, and dput DEB packages into it, or upload them to Bintray

  •    Python

artifactory-debian offers tools to use Artifactory as a Debian (APT) repository, and conveniently upload DEB packages to Artifactory or Bintray. Also see the wiki. Principles of Continuous Delivery mandate that you propagate a binary artifact, once it's built, unchanged through the different quality gates and deployment stages of your delivery pipeline. The need for keeping them in ideally a single place becomes obvious pretty fast, together with similar build artifacts like Java JARs.

artifact-resolver - Standalone jar executable client Maven 2 artifact resolver based on Eclipse Aether

  •    Groovy

A standalone executable jar which uses Eclipse Aether libraries to query and optionally download via HTTP(S) an artifact from a remote Maven 2 format repository. The build uses a modified https://github.com/dmitart/scriptjar to compile and generate a single uber jar executable.

go-artifactory - Go library for artifactory REST API

  •    Go

The services of a client divide the API into logical chunks and correspond to the structure of the Artifactory API documentation at https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Artifactory+REST+API. NOTE: Using the context package, one can easily pass cancelation signals and deadlines to various services of the client for handling a request. In case there is no context available, then context.Background() can be used as a starting point.

terraform-provider-artifactory - Terraform provider to manage artifactory

  •    Go

If you're building the provider, follow the instructions to install it as a plugin. After placing it into your plugins directory, run terraform init to initialize it. This library is being initially developed for an internal application at Atlassian, so resources will likely be implemented in the order that they are needed. Eventually, it would be ideal to cover the entire Artifactory API, so contributions are of course always welcome. The calling pattern is pretty well established, so adding new methods is relatively straightforward.

docker-nexus-backup - A container image for the backing-up Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager data into GCP Cloud Storage

  •    Shell

A container image for backing-up Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager data into GCP Cloud Storage. Nexus Repository Manager can be configured to back-up its internal database on a regular basis. However, this process does not take blob stores into account. Furthermore, the back-ups are persisted in the local disk alone, meaning if the disk is lost, the back-ups are lost too.

JFrog-Cloud-Installers - Template to deploy Artifactory Enterprise cluster.

  •    Shell

Template to deploy/manage JFrog Artifactory enterprise cluster on various cloud providers.

go-arty - Go client library for Artifactory and Xray

  •    Go

go-arty is a Go client library for accessing the Artifactory and Xray API. The artifactory package allows you to pass basic auth or an API Key.

drone-artifactory - Drone plugin for publishing build artifacts to Artifactory

  •    Go

Drone plugin to publish artifacts from the build to Artifactory.

canonical-kubernetes-third-party-integrations - Official repository for Canonical Kubernetes Third Party Integration Documentation


This repository contains source-code and documentation for various third-party integrations with Canonical Kubernetes (CDK). The documentation here is designed to help deployment of CDK in the field. Most of the documentation in this repository assumes you already have a Canonical Kubernetes cluster up and running. If you need the steps to deploy a cluster, they can be found here: Canonical Kubernetes Deployment Guide.

artifactory-secrets-plugin - HashiCorp Vault Artifactory Secrets Plugin

  •    Go

JFrog has agreed to take on maintenance of this plugin! You can find its new home at: https://github.com/jfrog/artifactory-secrets-plugin - please file issues there from now on.

artishock - A tool to investigate Dependency Confusion in Artifactory

  •    Java

A tool to investigate Dependency Confusion in Artifactory. See our blog post for more information. Binaries for Linux, Mac and Windows can be found under releases (Windows is not tested).

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