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articles - Miscellaneous articles. The readme is the table of contents.

  •    Haskell

This repository is filled with articles I have written and needed online for various reasons. Below is a short summary of the articles available publically; the repository may contain files not mentioned below, in which case they're probably unfinished or otherwise not worth reading at this point. Applicative-Monad proposal (AMP) is the original text of the 2013 Applicative-Monad proposal, which was the starting point for Applicative becoming a superclass of Monad in GHC 7.10.

go-is-not-good - A curated list of articles complaining that go (golang) isn't good enough

  •    Go

This repository is a list of articles that complain about golang's imperfection. Seems like complaining about go's flaws is becoming a trend. Any newbie must have a chance to read all the go-is-bad arguments before they go too far. So here it is.

articles - thoughts on programming

  •    Python

This repository serves as a programming-related brain dump.

Colorful - A curated list of awesome resources to choose your next color scheme


A curated list of awesome resources to choose your next color scheme. Inspired by the awesome list. Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Image credits - Aleksandar Savić and Nenad Zivanovic.

TheBeerHouse: CMS & e-commerce StarterKit

  •    ASPNET

TheBeerHouse is an ASP.NET 3.5 website which features a layout with themes, membership system, a CMS for publishing and syndicating articles, polls, mailing lists, forums, an e-commerce store, calendar of events and photo gallery.


  •    DotNet

AllNewsManager.NET is a free news/article management system for ASP.NET sites. Written in C# ASP.NET, AllNewsManager runs on Windows web server and SQL Server.

awesome-hyperledger-fabric - A curated list of resources for creating applications with hyperledger fabric


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first. If you found this resource helpful, give it a 🌟 otherwise contribute to it and give it a ⭐️. To the extent possible under law, TheLedger has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

tutorials_as_code - so that stuff read/seen don't get muddled up with time

  •    Go

tutorials as code/markdown notes for quick revision from once consumed talk, podcast, articles, others.


  •    Javascript

Esse guia provê dicas e recursos para auxiliar no desenvolvimento de suas habilidades técnicas através de recursos de aprendizagem já existentes. Esse guia é para todas as pessoas que desejam aprender como se tornar melhores desenvolvedoras de software.

writing - The words I write will turn up here...

  •    Javascript

This is my open source knowledgebase. Published online in blog form. To create a new page, create a .md file under pages/.

favs - 📚 A curated collection of great resources I stumbled upon throughout my career.


The collection is divided into multiple categories and is subject for further reorganisation sooner or later. This is just a small part of my second brain that I've been building for a while now. I keep great content in Instapaper, Apple Notes, Notepad, Text files in DropBox, Browser bookmarks, YouTube, Vimeo and Ted playlists, bookshelf, etc.

top-software-engineering-articles - Collection of top articles about great software engineering practices


Designing something S.O.L.I.D - The SOLID principles are fundamental to explaining a part of what clean code is, but sometimes explaining what SOLID means is a task in itself. Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend. - Every line of code written comes at a price: maintenance. To avoid paying for a lot of code, we build reusable software. The problem with code re-use is that it gets in the way of changing your mind later on.

stephendiehl.com - Stephen Diehl's Blog & Website

  •    CSS

Stephen Diehl's website. All written content on this site is provided under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license. All code is provided under a MIT license unless otherwise stated.

articles - Articles hosted on my blog

  •    Go

This repository holds the articles that I wrote and that are published on my personal blog. It may also hold the code I may refer to in my articles.

awesome-marketing - 🌟 Must-read articles, videos, books and marketing tools to help you grow your startup


🌟 Must-read articles, videos, books and marketing tools to help you grow your startup. Every morning, one of my routines is to read at least one article about marketing before going to work. This list includes my must-reads.

markdown-lab - Docker based Markdown Editing Environment for slides, resume, books and articles

  •    TeX

This lab aims to easier the building of the markdown environment for slides, books, resume and articles. If installed via Docker Toolbox, please enter into the /mnt/sda1 directory of the default system on Virtualbox, otherwise, after poweroff, the data will be lost for the default /root directory is only mounted in DRAM.