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Sketch-Constraints - 📏 A plugin that integrates constraints in Sketch to lay out layers.

  •    Javascript

Sketch Constraints is a plugin that integrates constraints in Sketch to lay out layers. These constraints are relative to the parent, either a group or an artboard. With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for Sketch Constraints. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch. Download Runner here.

ProjectVisBug - 🎨 Make any webpage feel like an artboard with this little extension https://visbug

  •    Javascript

Check out the list of features me and other's are wishing for. There's a lot of fun stuff planned or in demand. Cast your vote on a feature, leave some feedback or add clarity. Let's do this design community, I'm looking at you! Make a GitHub account and start dreamin' in the issues area! Help create the tool you need to do your job better.

xdtools - An unofficial Python API for Adobe XD files

  •    Python

This is currently a WIP. XD Tools is an unofficial Python API for Adobe XD. It provides the ability to parse and read data from .xd files that are created by Adobe XD using Python 3. As Adobe XD is constantly changing each month with new features, this API will inevitably change in order to stay up-to-date, so please report issues on GitHub if you find any.

illustrator-scripts - Set of script to improve Icons workflow

  •    Javascript

Adobe Illustrator js scripts that could help to improve productivity and avoid possible human errors when working with Icons. Loop into each Artboard and set a name on each path with color.