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array-explorer - ⚡️ A resource to help figure out what JavaScript array method would be best to use at any given time

  •    Javascript

When I was first learning array methods, I spent a lot of time digging through the docs to find the appropriate one, and I had to search one by one. I made this resource to help people find the correct array method a bit more naturally. You can narrow down what you want to do and explore until you find what's most useful to you. I realize that there are about a million ways that this resource can be set up, and some of the taxonomy is necessarily opionionated. I tried to focus on what I thought would have helped me learn the best, rather than industry standard delineations (mutator, accessor, iteration, for example). There are a lot of resources that already divide the methods this way, so if that style of learning suits you better, that's great! This resource is not set up that way. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be as comprehensive or a replacement for full documentation, which is why the MDN docs are linked to in each method.

pandapy - PandaPy has the speed of NumPy and the usability of Pandas 10x to 50x faster (by @firmai)

  •    Python

Animated investment research at Sov.ai, sponsoring open source initiatives. PandaPy software, similar to the original Pandas project, is developed to improve the usability of python for finance. Structured datatypes are designed to be able to mimic ‘structs’ in the C language, and share a similar memory layout. PandaPy currently houses more than 30 functions. Structured NumPy are meant for interfacing with C code and for low-level manipulation of structured buffers, for example for interpreting binary blobs. For these purposes they support specialized features such as subarrays, nested datatypes, and unions, and allow control over the memory layout of the structure.

Judy - General purpose dynamic array

  •    C

Judy is a general purpose dynamic array implemented as a C callable library. Judy's speed and memory usage are typically better than other data storage models and improves with very large data sets. Judy's key benefits are scalability, high performance, and memory efficiency. A Judy array is extensible and can scale up to a very large number of elements, bounded only by machine memory. Since Judy is designed as an unbounded array, the size of a Judy array is not pre-allocated but grows and shrinks dynamically with the array population.

thenBy.js - thenBy is a javascript micro library that helps sorting arrays on multiple keys

  •    Javascript

thenBy is a javascript micro library that helps sorting arrays on multiple keys. It allows you to use the native Array::sort() method of javascript, but pass in multiple functions to sort that are composed with firstBy().thenBy().thenBy() style. If an element doesn't have the property defined, it will sort like the empty string (""). Typically, this will be at the top.

TileDB - TileDB array data management

  •    C++

Array data management made fast and easy. TileDB allows you to manage the massive dense and sparse multi-dimensional array data that frequently arise in many important scientific applications.

HyperLinq - Multidimensional LINQ

  •    LINQ

HyperLINQ is an extension to LINQ that supports multidimensional arrays without dimension limit.

tween-ticker - a generic tween ticker engine

  •    Javascript

A generic low-level ticker for tweening engines. Stacks tweens and then, on each tick, steps through them to update them to their interpolated (and eased) values.Does not assume any standard set of eases, and uses linear (i.e. no ease) by default.

agile - Like Underscore, but with zero callbacks and really more fun, v0.0.2

  •    Javascript

(2) Add to your project: For the Browser: Include agile.js (or agile.min.js) in your index.html.

assoc.js - Associative arrays for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Inspired by James Edward Gray II's video an associative arrays in Ruby. You can initialize an Associative Array with either an Object or an array of arrays.

simple-storage - Simple localStorage / sessionStorage supporting objects and arrays

  •    TypeScript

Store strings and objects to local or session storage. Falls back to storing data in memory if run on platforms where the Storage API is unavailable (such as node). Licensed under the MIT license.

map-visit - Map `visit` over an array of objects.

  •    Javascript

Map visit over an array of objects. The above approach works fine for most use cases. But if you also want to emit an event each time a property is added to the data object. A better approach would be to use visit.

arr-union - Returns an array of unique values using strict equality for comparisons, maintaining the same order as the provided arrays

  •    Javascript

Combines a list of arrays, returning a single array with unique values, using strict equality for comparisons. This library is 10-20 times faster and more performant than array-union.

collection-visit - Visit a method over the items in an object, or map visit over the objects in an array

  •    Javascript

Visit a method over the items in an object, or map visit over the objects in an array. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Qx - A set of LINQ-like extensions to Q for working with arrays of promises.

  •    Javascript

Qx is a set of extensions to Q that make it easier to work with promises of arrays of promises. Qx brings the convenience of C# LINQ methods to Javascript promise arrays.

massiv - Efficient Haskell Arrays featuring Parallel computation

  •    Haskell

massiv is a Haskell library for array manipulation. Performance is one of its main goals, thus it is able to run effortlessly almost all operations in parallel as well as sequentially. The name for this library comes from the Russian word Massiv (Масси́в), which means an Array.

jQuery.extendext - jQuery.extend with configurable behaviour for arrays

  •    Javascript

jQuery.extend with configurable behaviour for arrays. When executing this code, one will expects to get config.operators = ['OR', 'XOR'], but instead you get ['OR', 'XOR', 'XOR], because $.extend merges arrays like objects as per spec.

array-mixer - Powerful, super tiny and easy to use lib to reorder your javascript arrays.

  •    Javascript

This repository contains the ArrayMixer source code. ArrayMixer is a tiny javascript lib with less than 1kb made to help ordering groups of arrays in a very personalized manner. Powerful and easy to use. Let's think we have two arrays: photos and ads.

Paginate - A Simple JavaScript utility to provide pagination for Arrays.

  •    Javascript

##A Simple JavaScript utility to provide pagination for Arrays. Paginate - Creates a new Paginate form a givin Array, optionally with a specific Number of items per page.

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