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docker-homebridge - Homebridge Docker

  •    Shell

This Alpine/Debian Linux based Docker image allows you to run Nfarina's Homebridge on your home network which emulates the iOS HomeKit API. Homebridge requires full access to your local network to function correctly which can be achieved using the --net=host flag. Currently this image will not work when using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows due to this and this.

tiller-multiarch - Helm tiller images for amd64, arm64, and armhf. ⚓️🎉

  •    Shell

Images are built compliant with v2.2 of the Docker manifest API. No need to specify separate images for different architectures (particularly annoying if you have an architecturally heterogeneous cluster); the Docker client infers for you which image to pull.

docker-powerdns - PowerDNS + Recursor + Admin GUI + Adblock in one single Docker

  •    Shell

In order to enable this Docker to handle IPv6 queries, you should do some further actions. See this preparation script for more informations. If you want to enable ad-blocking on top of your entries, just set the relative environment variable to true. List courtesy of Pi-Hole project.

libcluon - libcluon is a small and efficient, single-file and header-only library written in modern C++ to power microservices

  •    C++

libcluon is a small single-file, header-only library written in modern C++ library to glue microservices - in a clever way - simply: cluon. Its name is inspired by gluon, an elementary particle acting as exchange particle. Say you want to quickly realize a distributed software system where individual software components exchange messages and you want to keep your project as simple and clean as possible - that's a typical use-case for libcluon. Getting Started Tutorial using an online C++ compiler.

opendlv - OpenDLV - A modern microservice-based software ecosystem for self-driving vehicles.

  •    CMake

Applications based on OpenDLV are grouped in UDP multicast sessions belonging to IPv4 address 225.0.0.X, where X is from the within the range [1,254]. All microservices belonging to the same UDP multicast group are able to communicate with each other; thus, two applications running in different UDP multicast sessions do not see each other and are completely separated. The actual UDP multicast session is selected using the commandline parameter --cid=111, where 111 would define the UDP multicast address Microservices exchange data using the message Envelope that contains besides the actual message to send further meta information like sent and received timestamp and the point in time when the contained message was actually sampled. All messages are encoded in Google's Protobuf data format (example) that has been adjusted to preserve forwards and backwards compatibility using libcluon's native implementation of Protobuf.

gitlab - GitLab CE (Docker image) for ARM devices

  •    Shell

The GitLab Docker image is a monolithic image of GitLab running all the necessary services on a single container. GitLab only offers the Community Edition for Raspbery Pi, this Docker image is based on that one; in addition, only stable builds are containerized.

docker-dns-ad-blocker - A lightweight dnsmasq DNS server to block traffic to known ad servers with optional DNSCrypt support


A simple, lightweight, dnsmasq DNS server to block traffic to known ad servers. You can now set your devices to use the Docker Host's IP Address as the primary DNS resolver, if you are using Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac this will be

docker-unms - This image is no longer maintained: https://github.com/oznu/docker-unms/issues/53

  •    Dockerfile

This is an all-in-one Docker image for running the Ubiquiti Network Management System. This image contains all the components required to run UNMS in a single container and uses the s6-overlay for process management. This image will run on most platforms that support Docker including Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows, Synology DSM and Raspberry Pi boards.

pieman - Script for creating custom OS images for single-board computers

  •    Shell

Pieman is a script for creating custom OS images for single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi. The images are based on Alpine and Debian-based distributions such as Devuan, Raspbian and Ubuntu. The authors of Pieman were inspired by the project named rpi23-gen-image. The main reason why it was decided to create a new project instead of improving the existing one is that rpi23-gen-image is intended for creating images only for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 based on Debian GNU/Linux. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a way to be extended to support different operating systems and single-board computers. Improving the situation would require significant efforts to rework the codebase of the project. First, get the latest Pieman Docker image from Docker Hub.

iotweb - Small (4MB), fast static web server for IoT devices. Written in Go

  •    Go

A very small web server written in Go for static sites served on devices such as the Raspberry Pi. Uses bunyan logging. Uses environment variables for configuration. The following are default values, override where needed.

iotwifi - Raspberry Pi (arm) wifi configuration container

  •    Go

Update: Looking for contributors. IOT Wifi is very small/8MB Docker Container built for the Raspberry Pi 3. IOT Wifi exposes a simple JSON based REST API for controlling the wireless network interface. This container allows the Raspberry Pi to accept wifi connections as an access point (aka AP) while at the same time connecting to an existing wifi network (station mode).

epilepsia - Beaglebone cape for driving up to 32x64 Neopixels (WS2812 LEDs).

  •    C++

Epilepsia is a user friendly cape for the beaglebone capable of driving up to 32 strips of neopixels (actually, WS2812B LEDs) in parallel. The led_driver class handles the communication with the PRUs. Each PRU can drive 16 WS2812 led strips in parallel using two 74HC4094 serial to parallel shift register. The bits of the frame buffer are reordered by the beablebone's CPU before being copied to the PRUs shared memory. Each PRU just has to sequentially read that memory to fill its shift registers. The single wire protocol of the led strips is implemented by switching the parallel outputs of the 74HC4094 IC.

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