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gulp-armadillo - The rebirth of the Armadillo static site generator, as a series of Gulp tasks!

  •    Javascript

Armadillo is a cute little thing that drinks from your Gulp cup and spits out a static site for you! The Armadillo is a little opinionated, so not right for everyone, but it'll get the job done when you need it to. Follow our Developing with the Armadillo instructions to get set up and start working.

r-to-armadillo - Converting base R code to Armadillo code for use with RcppArmadillo or for external programs (e

  •    C++

R is an amazing language to explore and communicate statistics with. However, when we care about attain results quickly, R's primary weakness is shown: speed. The objective of this repository is to strengthen this weakness by providing high performing R base functions within Armadillo (and potentially eigen). Futhermore, as the code is written within C++, the code is able to be ported to different platforms at ease. Lastly, an additional benefit of this project is a repository containing programming examples by field. Feel free to use the functions available within the repository per the MIT License.

mcmc - A C++ library of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods

  •    C++

MCMCLib is a lightweight C++ library of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. Built on the Armadillo C++ linear algebra library for fast and efficient matrix-based computation.

stats - A C++ header-only library of statistical distribution functions.

  •    C++

StatsLib is a templated C++ library of statistical distribution functions, featuring unique compile-time computing capabilities and seamless integration with several popular linear algebra libraries. The following options should be declared before including the StatsLib header files.

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