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Aria2 - 支持迅雷、百度云无限制超速下载,另外附带Tampermonkey、Proxyee-down教程。从此云端女友从不断线,有了这个它,忘掉那个她!

  •    Javascript


aria2gui - Aria2GUI for macOS

  •    Objective-C

Aria2GUI for macOS

Photon - A lightweight multi-threaded downloader based on aria2.

  •    Javascript

Photon is a lightweight multi-threaded downloader based on aria2. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, Magnet links, BitTorrent and Metalink. Photon is cross platform. It has macOS and Windows releases now and will have Linux release soon.

Motrix - A full-featured download manager.

  •    Javascript

Motrix is a full-featured download manager that supports downloading HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet, Baidu Net Disk, etc. Motrix has a clean and easy to use interface. I hope you will like it 👻.

yaaw - Yet Another Aria2 Webui in pure HTML/CSS/Javascirpt

  •    Javascript

Yet Another Aria2 Web Frontend in pure HTML/CSS/Javascirpt. No HTTP server, backend or server-side program. All you need is just a browser.

Maria - a macOS native app/widget for aria2 download tool.

  •    Swift

A macOS GUI app/widget for aria2 download tool. Maria is published under GPL 3.0 License. See the LICENSE file for more.

aria2-ariang-x-docker-compose - Docker compose files for Aria2+ AriaNg+ filerun/ Nextcloud/ h5ai


Docker compose files for Aria2+ AriaNg+ filerun/ Nextcloud/ h5ai. 图形化BT,磁力,离线下载,并在线预览及下载。

AMM - Aria2 Menubar Monitor

  •    Swift

Aria2 Menubar Monitor, a tool to help with monitoring Aria2 Status on the macOS menubar.

aria2.js - JavaScript library for aria2, "The next generation download utility"

  •    Javascript

aria2.js is a NodeJS Javascript library and cli for aria2, "The next generation download utility". It controls aria2 via its JSON-RPC interface.

php-aria2 - Talking with aria2 through JSON-RPC

  •    PHP

Now php-aria2 support JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification Batch requests In v1.2.0 batch requests have been introduced. Another ways is anonymous function, it also support method chaining. Don't forget commit.

cliget - A Firefox addon to download login-protected files from the command line

  •    Javascript

Download login-protected files from the command line using curl, wget or aria2. This addon will generate commands that emulate the request as though it was coming from your browser by sending the same cookies, user agent string and referrer. With this addon you can download email attachments, purchased software/media, source code from a private repository to a remote server without having to download the files locally first. If come across a website where cliget doesn't work, please open an issue providing details to help reproduce the problem.

app-fast - :scream: Evil parallel package downloader

  •    Shell

Concurrent package downloader written in bash/zsh, for macOS, Linux and Windows Msys2. Inspired by apt-fast and powerpill.

yaaw-zh-hans - 中文化的 YAAW http://aria2c.com/

  •    Javascript

中文化的 YAAW http://aria2c.com/

Photon-WebUI - A modern WebUI for aria2.

  •    Javascript

Photon WebUI is a modern frontend for aria2. For desktop downloader, please have a look at Photon.

christopher - Your everyday direct-download companion

  •    Go

Why? After spending some time building my own download helper, I realised that reinventing the wheel is less efficient than using an existing solution and just spending time on configuration and updates. Christopher is your everyday direct-download companion.

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