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Argus - Time series monitoring and alerting platform.

  •    Java

A pom for all Argus projects. It provides standards for plugin versions, configuration and a number of other things.



Argus encompasses three concerns common to software developers: authentication, authorization, and configuration. It will be implemented as a set of services, backed by a platform-agnostic data layer, which may be invoked from any platform.

argus-android - Login/Registration Module for Android

  •    Java

Argus Android makes it hassle free of managing all onboarding related tasks such as Signup/Login/Forgot Password and Social Logins. Argus exposes ArgusActivity which can be set as launcher activity in AndroidManifest or started using an Intent. Currently it redirects to Login screen by default but in future we would let developer choose where he want to start.

python-argusclient - A minimal client library for Argus webservice

  •    Python

This is a minimal and thin layer of Python client code on top of the Argus webservices REST API. Most of the library API is 1:1 with that of REST API so it serves to be more of a convenience than an abstraction. This means you still need to be familiar with the underlying REST API to be effective. For more information on the REST API and data model, refer to the Argus - User Guide. Special thanks to Demian Brecht for giving a lot of feedback early and helping to shape the API and the project. In addition, also look at the bundled example named splunk_to_argus.py that shows how to extract metrics from Splunk and push them to Argus.