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arg.js - Lightweight URL argument and parameter parser

  •    Javascript

Arg.js gives you quick and easy access to parameters in the URL.It will get the value from both the query segment, and the hash segment.

argh - Rust derive-based argument parsing optimized for code size

  •    Rust

The public API of this library consists primarily of the FromArgs derive and the from_env function, which can be used to produce a top-level FromArgs type from the current program's commandline arguments. Switches, like jump, are optional and will be set to true if provided.

nomnom - [UNMAINTAINED] Option parser for node with generated usage and commands

  •    Javascript

nomnom is an option parser for node. It noms your args and gives them back to you in a hash. Nomnom supports args like -d, --debug, --no-debug, --file=test.txt, --file test.txt, -f test.txt, -xvf, and positionals. Positionals are arguments that don't fit the -a or --atomic format and aren't attached to an option.

sade - Smooth (CLI) Operator 🎶

  •    Javascript

Define your global/program-wide version, options, description, and/or examples first. Once you define a Command, you can't access the global-scope again. Define all commands & options in the order that you want them to appear. Sade will not mutate or sort your CLI for you. Global options print before local options.

args - Toolkit for building command line interfaces

  •    Javascript

This package makes creating command line interfaces a breeze. Register a new option for the binary in which it's being called.

Jline3 - Java library for handling console input

  •    Java

JLine is a Java library for handling console input. It is similar in functionality to BSD editline and GNU readline but with additional features that bring it in par with ZSH line editor. People familiar with the readline/editline capabilities for modern shells (such as bash and tcsh) will find most of the command editing features of JLine to be familiar.


  •    Shell

he gflags package contains a library that implements command line flags processing. As such it's a replacement for getopt(). It has increased flexibility, including built-in support for C++ types like string, and the ability to define flags in the source file in which they're used. This repository contains a C++ of the Google commandline flags module.

Decree - Declarative arguments-resolver

  •    Javascript

Decree is a declarative arguments-resolver. It saves you time and code when you need to do arguments validation and disambiguation in your APIs.Simply declare the conditions your arguments should hold, such as their types, whether they are optional and their default values. Decree will take care of the rest, and provide you with clean and disambiguated arguments.

node-sexy-args - A sexy DSL for parsing the arguments passed into functions.

  •    Javascript

A sexy DSL for parsing the arguments passed into functions.

argvments - Parse command line arguments

  •    Javascript

If you're looking to use this in a CLI app, you probably want meow instead.Arguments to parse.

node-introspect - A fast and powerful Function introspection

  •    Javascript

A fast and powerful Function introspection. This is such a kind of experiment, any thought on this is welcomed.Benchmark results are pretty good.

argumentum - No-bullshit option parser for node.js.

  •    Javascript

Argumentum is a no-bullshit option parser for node. It doesn't have complicated chainable APIs so it's much more easier to use.This project is based on nomnom by Heather Arthur.

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