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yargs - yargs the modern, pirate-themed successor to optimist.

  •    Javascript

Having problems? want to contribute? join our community slack.Yargs be a node.js library fer hearties tryin' ter parse optstrings.

node-optimist - Light-weight option parsing for node.js

  •    Javascript

I don't want to maintain this module anymore since I just use minimist, the argument parsing engine, directly instead nowadays.See yargs for the modern, pirate-themed successor to optimist.


  •    CSharp

A fun console app for browsing, getting and running the tools of SysInternals. Not in any way associated with SysInternals

shon - The command line argument parser

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript command-line argument parser

new-command - Simplifies creating CLI programs by combining minimist, show-help, show-version modules

  •    Javascript

Simplifies creating command-line programs by combining minimist, show-help, show-version modules.

yargs-parser - :muscle: the mighty option parser used by yargs

  •    Javascript

The mighty option parser used by yargs.visit the yargs website for more examples, and thorough usage instructions.

subarg - parse arguments with recursive contexts

  •    Javascript

This module is useful if you need to pass arguments into a piece of code without coordinating ahead of time with the main program, like with a plugin system.Parse the arguments array args, passing opts to minimist.

kwargsjs - Smart python like argument management for javascript

  •    Javascript

This little tool gives you the ability to use keyword arguments support for your functions. So you can either specify each argument as you wish or use the arguments regularly. In fact you can do both at the same time. Another feature is to have the ability to set default values for your function arguments without changing or adding any code to your function.

argh - argh is a extremely light weight option/argument/process

  •    Javascript

argh is an extremely light weight options or process.argv parser for node.js. It only includes the bare minimal to parse options. It's not a full blown cli library, but it can be used as a dependency of a cli library to do all the heavy lifting. argh was born out of rage, every cli library that we've found did more than they advertised and added unneeded bloat to what we were trying to achieve... and that was argument parsing. Tiny modules should only focus on one thing and do that one thing really well.

parambulator - A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters

  •    Javascript

A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters. This module is used by the Seneca framework for input validation.

condicio - A preconditions library for JavaScript similar to Google's Preconditions from Guava

  •    Javascript

A simple library similar to Google's Preconditions in Guava. The current version is 2.0.0. I got tired of writing boilerplate code to check my arguments and their types, and I didn't want to bring in a huge dependency like jQuery or Underscore simply to do parameter and argument checking. I couldn't really find anything out there that did the job so I decided to roll my own.

clap - Command line argument parser

  •    Javascript

Argument parser for command-line interfaces. It primary target to large tool sets that provides a lot of subcommands. Support for argument coercion and completion makes task run much easer, even if you doesn't use CLI. Inspired by TJ Holowaychuk Commander.

command-line-args - A mature, feature-complete library to parse command-line options.

  •    Javascript

A mature, feature-complete library to parse command-line options. To access the values, first create a list of option definitions describing the options your application accepts. The type property is a setter function (the value supplied is passed through this), giving you full control over the value received.

command-line-commands - Add a git-like command interface to your app.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight module to help build a git-like command interface for your app. Its job is to extract the command (the first argument, unless it's an option), check it's valid and either return it or throw. From there, you can parse the remaining args using your preferred option parser (e.g. command-line-args, minimist etc.).

aproba - A rediculously light-weight function argument validator

  •    Javascript

Validation failures throw one of three exception types, distinguished by a code property of EMISSINGARG, EINVALIDTYPE or ETOOMANYARGS. If you pass in an invalid type then it will throw with a code of EUNKNOWNTYPE.

zeroarg - disappearing argument parser

  •    Javascript

This is admittedly a little 🔬 mad science. The gist is that zeroarg is an argument parser, with yargs at its core, that doesn't require you to touch yargs, or argument-parsing specifics. It aims to infer types and reuse documentation to do that.

neodoc - Beautiful, hand-crafted commandline interfaces for node.js

  •    PureScript

This implementation features error reporting, both for users and developers, reading values from environment variables, type coercion and much more. For an (in-)comprehensive comparison to the original, click here. To take neodoc for a ride, click here. A note to potential adopters and contributors: Neodoc is divided into two distinct parts — parsing the specification and parsing the argv, given the specificiation. Theoretically, the origin of the specification does not matter and the argv parser could be used standalone as it offers a more "correct" parse than most cli parsers out there, since it parses the input guided by the specification, rather than parsing the input and then matching it to the specification. See the "Features" section below. If neodoc finds adoption, I would not be surprised to see projects mimicking a yargs-like interface that use the neodoc parser, even though it somewhat defies the original idea of docopt.