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argcomplete - Python and tab completion, better together.

  •    Python

Argcomplete provides easy, extensible command line tab completion of arguments for your Python script. Argcomplete is particularly useful if your program has lots of options or subparsers, and if your program can dynamically suggest completions for your argument/option values (for example, if the user is browsing resources over the network).

FLAP - Fortran command Line Arguments Parser for poor people

  •    Fortran

Modern Fortran standards (2003+) have introduced support for Command Line Arguments (CLA), thus it is possible to construct nice and effective Command Line Interfaces (CLI). FLAP is a small library designed to simplify the (repetitive) construction of complicated CLI in pure Fortran (standard 2003+). FLAP has been inspired by the python module argparse trying to mimic it. Once you have defined the arguments that are required by means of a user-friendly method of the CLI, FLAP will parse the CLAs for you. It is worthy of note that FLAP, as argparse, also automatically generates help and usage messages and issues errors when users give the program invalid arguments. FLAP is inspired by the python great module argparse, thus many features are taken from it. Here the main features are listed.

ArgParse.jl - Package for parsing command-line arguments to Julia programs.

  •    Julia

ArgParse.jl is a package for parsing command-line arguments to Julia programs. See also the examples in the examples directory.

bash-argsparse - An high level argument parsing library for bash

  •    Shell

An high level argument parsing library for bash. Inspired, by the python argparse module, bash-argsparse purpose is to replace the option-parsing and usage-describing functions commonly rewritten in all scripts.

node-argp - Command-line option parser.

  •    Javascript

Inspired by the extremly well-known argp C library, this module parses GNU-style command-line options. Help, usage and version messages are automatically generated and line-wrapped at 80 columns. The module checks for errors, can be easily adapted to your needs thanks to its evented system and it also works when Node.js is in debug mode. The module is uncached and each property is deleted once all the input parameters have been parsed, so there's no memory footprint. If you have a package.json file you can take from it the description, email and version using the readPackage() function. Take into account that this function calls a synchronous fs operation. Doesn't really matter because this module is one of the first things you're going to execute in your program.

argparse - Argparse for golang. Just because `flag` sucks

  •    Go

Let's be honest -- Go's standard command line arguments parser flag terribly sucks. It cannot come anywhere close to the Python's argparse module. This is why this project exists. The goal of this project is to bring ease of use and flexibility of argparse to Go. Which is where the name of this package comes from.

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