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Password4j - Cryptographic library that supports Argon2, Bcrypt, Scrypt, PBKDF2 and various cryptographic hash functions.

  •    Java

Password4j is a Java user-friendly cryptographic library for hashing and checking passwords with different Key derivation functions (KDFs) and Cryptographic hash functions (CHFs). The library fully supports Argon2, BCrypt, SCrypt and PBKDF2 and can produce and handle cryptographic salt and pepper.

Kryptor - A simple, modern, and secure encryption tool

  •    CSharp

Kryptor is a simple, modern, and secure encryption tool. It is a portable, cross-platform command line tool that makes use of modern and secure cryptographic algorithms. It aims to be a mixture of age and Minisign in terms of functionality to provide a simple, user friendly alternative to GPG.

argon2rs - The pure-Rust password hashing library running on Argon2.

  •    Rust

This is a purely Rust-based library that provides both variants of the state-of-the-art Argon2 hashing algorithm, suitable for password hashing and password-based key derivation. There are two variants of Argon2 that differ in the manner by which reference indices are computed during block-filling rounds. Argon2d does this in a faster but data-dependent fashion that could be vulnerable to side-channel attacks, whereas Argon2i ("i" denoting independence from plaintext input) works slower but is immune to such attacks and is therefore the preferred choice for password hashing.

argon2 - A pure Go Argon2 implementation for secure password hashing in Go!

  •    Go

This provides a Pure Go implemention for Argon2 password hashing. It is intended to be an almost drop in replacement for lhecker's amazing argon2 library. Benchmarks are run on each build. Follow the build badge link to check the latest status on benchmarking results via TravisCI.

goArgonPass - goArgonPass is a Argon2 Password utility package for Go using the crypto library package Argon2

  •    Go

All hashing and crypto is done by Go library packages. This is only a utility package to make the process described easier. goArgonPass is a Argon2 Password utility package for Go using the crypto library package Argon2. Argon2 was the winner of the most recent Password Hashing Competition and doesn't suffer from issues that Bcrypt has such as truncating input over 72 characters. This is designed for use anywhere password hashing and verification might be needed and is intended to replace implementations using bcrypt or Scrypt. The string input/output format was designed to be compatible with Passlib for Python and Argon2 PHP, and you should have full compatibility using the argon2i function, but will not be able to use argon2id, which is the default for this pacakge until those libraries are updated to support it. I encourage you to find the parameters that work best for your application, but the defaults are resonable for an interactive use such as a web application login.

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