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turf - A modular geospatial engine written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Turf is a JavaScript library for spatial analysis. It includes traditional spatial operations, helper functions for creating GeoJSON data, and data classification and statistics tools. Turf can be added to your website as a client-side plugin, or you can run Turf server-side with Node.js (see below).Download the minified file, and include it in a script tag. This will expose a global variable named turf.

citypicker - citypicker城市选择器,详细的省市区地址信息,支持仿iOS滚轮实现,一级或者三级列表展示方式。

  •    Java


uPlot - 📈 A small, fast chart for time series, lines, areas, ohlc & bars

  •    Javascript

μPlot is a fast, memory-efficient Canvas 2D-based chart for plotting time series, lines, areas, ohlc & bars; from a cold start it can create an interactive chart containing 150,000 data points in 135ms, scaling linearly at ~25,000 pts/ms. In addition to fast initial render, the zooming and cursor performance is by far the best of any similar charting lib; at ~35 KB, it's likely the smallest and fastest time series plotter that doesn't make use of context-limited WebGL shaders or WASM, both of which have much higher startup cost and code size. However, if you need 60fps performance with massive streaming datasets, uPlot can only get you so far. WebGL should still be the tool of choice for applications like realtime signal or waveform visualizations: See danchitnis/webgl-plot, huww98/TimeChart, epezent/implot, or commercial products like LightningChart®.

uvCharts - Simple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library built using d3.js

  •    Javascript

Simple, robust, extensible JavaScript charting library built using d3 designed to help developers embed, build charts in less than couple of minutes. To learn more about uvCharts and how to use it, read the wiki page or the 5 minute quick start guide.

perimeter.js - Creates an invisible perimeter around a target element and monitors mouse breaches.

  •    Javascript

Creates an invisible perimeter around a target element and monitors mouse breaches. Second, just call the Perimeter constructor function and pass the corresponding options.


  •    JQuery

Gives ability to make accurate hover and clicks on transparent images. Only non-transparent pixels will trigger the hover / click event. This script is not only working with images, but also with background-images. If applied on an image it will use the src path, else it will test if data-img or background-image exists and use those instead.

flood-fill - A simple 2D JavaScript flood fill.

  •    Javascript

A simple 2D flood fill for use with ndarrays.You could use this to re-implement Microsoft Paint's bucket fill in JavaScript, or in procedural dungeon generation to identify disconnected rooms.

geojson-area - compute the area of a geojson polygon or multipolygon

  •    Javascript

Calculate the area inside of any GeoJSON geometry.Given a Geometry object, return contained area as square meters. Invalid input will return null.

worldpop - Get the population of regions that you draw!

  •    Javascript

Compute the population within a given polygon using the high resolution WorldPop population dataset. Go to http://devseed.com/worldpop and draw some polygons. The WorldPop Data Explorer is a web tool (and underlying Node module) designed to enable useful compuation and analysis using the WorldPop dataset. It makes heavy use of, among other things, Mapbox Vector Tiles, and Turf to enable efficient storage, access to, and computation over the otherwise prohibitively large WorldPop dataset.

leaflet-measure - Coordinate, linear, and area measure control for Leaflet maps

  •    Javascript

Coordinate, linear, and area measure control for Leaflet maps. Extends L.Control. leaflet-measure adds L.Control.Measure. This control may be used with the standard Leaflet control workflows described in the Leaflet docs.

postcss-pseudo-class-any-link - Use the :any-link pseudo-class in CSS

  •    Javascript

:any-link lets you to use the proposed :any-link pseudo-class in CSS. :any-link simplifies selectors targeting links, as the naming of :link is misleading; it specifically means unvisited links only, rather than all links.

area-puppeteer - 基于 puppeteer 的中国行政区域抓取爬虫

  •    Javascript

This repo is released under the WTFPL – Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License.

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