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alwsl - Install archlinux as the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) host.

  •    Batchfile

Notice: This project is no longer maintained. I would recommend to not use the current install script, as the root system is severely out of date. Please refer to the WSL Distro switcher or official MS tooling for non-ubuntu distros. Of course the script and the download source will remain available. This project provides an easy way to install a custom, minimal, arch linux distribution as the WSL host.

yay - Yet another Yogurt - An AUR Helper written in Go

  •    Go

There's a point in everyone's life when you feel the need to write an AUR helper because there are only about 20 of them. So say hi to 20+1. If you are migrating from another AUR helper, you can simply install Yay with that helper.

archfi - Arch Linux Fast Installer : tutorial installer

  •    Shell

Just a simple bash script wizard to install Arch Linux after you have booted on the official Arch Linux install media. With this script, you can install Arch Linux with two simple terminal commands.

pacapt - An Arch's pacman-like package manager for some Unices

  •    Shell

pacapt - An Arch's pacman-like package manager for some Unices. Instead of remembering various options/tools on different OSs, you only need a common way to manipulate packages. Not all options of the native package manager are ported; the tool only provides a very basic interface to search, install, remove packages, and/or update the system.

ArchWSL - Install ArchLinux as a WSL Instance.

  •    Shell

Please extract to a folder that has write permission. For example 'Program Files' can not be used. Exe filename is using to the instance name to register. If you rename it you can register with a diffrent name.

bauh - Graphical user interface for managing your Linux applications

  •    Python

bauh (ba-oo), formerly known as fpakman, is a graphical interface for managing your Linux software (packages/applications). It currently supports the following formats: AppImage, ArchLinux repositories/AUR, Flatpak, Snap and Web applications.

archdi - Arch Linux Desktop Installer : tutorial installer

  •    Shell

Just a simple bash script wizard to install and configure a full personal computer with Arch Linux. Or you can install it on your system with sh archdi -i And then you can use archdi cmd. With this, you can make your updates or install your packages later.

wait-online - Wait until we're connected to the Internet

  •    Python

Wait until we're connected to the Internet. The Internet may be behind a captive portal, so let's wait for that.

pac - Small wrapper around pacaur to mimic yaourts search feature.

  •    Python

pac takes your arguments and just gives them to pacaur. Additionally it adds a few useful arguments and if none are given except a search pattern it mimics the search function of yaourt and gives you a list of results. Then you just type the package numbers you want to install instead of having to type the names.

workstation-bootstrap - My r10k/puppet based workstation bootstrapping and configuration

  •    Ruby

This is an example of a puppet/r10k control repository for use with my archlinux_workstation and optionally archlinux_macbookretina Puppet modules. This specific repository includes some personal configuration of mine, and is intended to be forked and modified as described below. This is intended to be a generic framework for anyone who wants to use Puppet to manage their workstation's configuration. The project provides some sane (though opinionated) defaults, and instructions for how to change them. The defaults are geared towards Arch Linux, but the core in this repository can be used for any distribution, or just as an example/starting point. Distro-specific instructions follow.

sakemake - :sake: Configuration-free build system for building, testing and packaging C++17 executables

  •    Python

Configuration-free build system for Arch Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu 17.10 or macOS w/Homebrew, for developers that just want to program in C++17 and build one or more executables and not have to deal with build configuration and compilation flags. Defines for directories like img and data are provided. A simple way to test and package code is also provided. Required libraries must be installed manually.

repose - an archlinux repo poking tool

  •    C

Owning more than one Archlinux machine, I operate my own repository to distribute customized and/or extra packages between the various machines. repo-add, the provided tool for repository management, is frustratingly limited. Updating the repository after building a series of packages quickly turned into a slow monstrous bash script: either I had to have rather complex logic to figure out which packages are new, or I had to do the expensive operation of rebuilding the repository each time. Surly, though, this was something that could be automated. repose is an Archlinux repository compiler.

simonpi - A quick & dirty script to emulate Raspberry PI family devices on your laptop.

  •    Shell

A quick & dirty script to emulate Raspberry family devices on your laptop. It generates a valid sdcard image that could be deployed on real hardware and used as virtual storage for QEMU. It could also run a custom image generated by third parties adopting the classic Raspberry Pi partition table.

my-favorite-things - make tasks to setup productive system

  •    Shell

This project that is named just like John Coltrane's album it's an attempt to automate every step of a fresh ArchLinux, Parabola or Debian installation. It assume a custom workflow used by me, and builds an environment with this workflow in mind. Everything is automated using make and m4. There are many utilities and system specific scripts in order to provide seamless integration.

linux-on-pixel-c - Documentation on how to run a Linux Distro on the Google Pixel C (2015)

  •    Shell

This repo aims at documenting how to run GNU/Linux on a Google Pixel C (2015) device. The Pixel C is a 10.2 inch Android tablet, made by Google, which was released on December 8, 2015. It didn't had much success apparently, but its hardware is definitively still a flagship killer.

Arch-Data-Science - Archlinux PKGBUILDs for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP and Computer Vision

  •    Shell

Welcome to my repo to build Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural language Processing and Deep Learning packages from source. My Data Science environment is running from a LXC container so Tensorflow build system, bazel, must be build with its auto-sandboxing disabled.

igloo - The snowy dotfile home.

  •    Shell

The snowy dotfile home. Igloo is the snowy dotfile home of Arctic Ice Studio powered by snowsaw, the lightweight, plugin-driven and simple configurable dotfile bootstrapper.

yubikey-full-disk-encryption - Use YubiKey to unlock a LUKS partition

  •    Shell

This project leverages a YubiKey HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response mode for creating strong LUKS encrypted volume passphrases. It can be used in intramfs stage during boot process as well as on running system. In Automatic mode you create custom challenge with 0-64 byte length and store it in cleartext in /etc/ykfde.conf and inside the initramfs image.

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