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anarchy-linux - Anarchy Linux - An Arch Based Distro

  •    Shell

A distribution aimed at bringing the Linux revolution to the world. Anarchy, quick, easy, and straight forward, "Keep it simple stupid". Anarchy Linux is an Arch-based distro providing a hassle-free pure installation and polished user experience. Bundled with the Anarchy ISO is a dialog installer that enables you to install from the CLI in semi graphical install mode. Simply boot up and type anarchy to invoke the installer script. Every aspect of the install is taken into account from partitioning and general system configuration, to installing your favorite DE/WM and additional software from the official Arch Linux repos.

openvpn-install - Set up your own OpenVPN server on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, and Arch Linux

  •    Shell

OpenVPN installer for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and Arch Linux. This script will let you setup your own secure VPN server in just a few minutes.

archfi - Arch Linux Fast Installer : tutorial installer

  •    Shell

Just a simple bash script wizard to install Arch Linux after you have booted on the official Arch Linux install media. With this script, you can install Arch Linux with two simple terminal commands.

junest - The lightweight Arch Linux based distro that runs upon any Linux distros without root access

  •    Shell

The lightweight Arch Linux based distro that runs upon any Linux distros without root access. JuNest (Jailed User NEST) is a lightweight Arch Linux based distribution that allows to have an isolated GNU/Linux environment inside any generic host GNU/Linux OS and without the need to have root privileges for installing packages.

digitalocean-debian-to-arch - Script to convert a Debian installation on DigitalOcean to Arch Linux

  •    Shell

DigitalOcean deprecated Arch Linux a while back because it was relatively difficult to support due to the rolling updates. I wrote this script to bring it back! This script downloads a bootstrap Arch Linux image, updates it to the latest version, then overwrites the host operating system with it. Create a new Debian 9.x droplet (either 32-bit or 64-bit is fine).

backintime - Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux

  •    Python

Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux, inspired by "flyback project". It provides a command line client 'backintime' and a Qt5 GUI 'backintime-qt' both written in Python3.

aura - A secure, multilingual package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR.

  •    Haskell

Welcome to the main repository for all things Aura. Aura is a package manager for Arch Linux and its AUR. See its README for more information.

Manjaro - User-friendly Linux Distribution

  •    C

Manjaro is a user-friendly Linux distribution based on the independently developed Arch operating system. Arch itself is renowned for being an exceptionally fast, powerful, and lightweight distribution that provides access to the very latest cutting edge – and bleeding edge – software. However, Arch is also aimed at more experienced or technically-minded users. Manjaro provides all the benefits of the Arch operating system combined with a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility.

packer-arch - packer.io template for building an Arch Linux base box

  •    Shell

Packer Arch is a bare bones Packer template and installation script that can be used to generate a Vagrant base box for Arch Linux. The template works with the default VirtualBox provider as well as with VMware, Parallels and libvirt providers. The installation script follows the official installation guide pretty closely, with a few tweaks to ensure functionality within a VM. Beyond that, the only customizations to the machine are related to the vagrant user and the steps recommended for any base box.

dotfiles - Configuration for Arch Linux, i3, termite, fish, Vim and more

  •    Python

This repository consists of configuration for any tools I use within my Arch Linux and Emacs development environment. I use a lot of tools which culminate in a sort of Unix IDE, I use stow to link all of the required configuration into my home directory. Firstly, clone this repository down to ~/dotfiles, a few things assume it's kept there, sorry.

archdi - Arch Linux Desktop Installer : tutorial installer

  •    Shell

Just a simple bash script wizard to install and configure a full personal computer with Arch Linux. Or you can install it on your system with sh archdi -i And then you can use archdi cmd. With this, you can make your updates or install your packages later.

.dotfiles - :fireworks: Arch Linux with i3 / nvim / tmux / urxvt / zsh / ...

  •    Scheme

Those files are private and are on my private cloud (using Nextcloud). There are no backup system. If you install this on top of your dotfiles, expect a big mess. You shouldn't use the install.sh script. You should only pick whatever you want and include it in your own config.

compute-archlinux-image-builder - A tool to build a Arch Linux Image for GCE

  •    Python

This project is a collection of scripts that create an Arch Linux OS image that can run on Google Compute Engine.The image is configured close to the recommendations listed on Building an image from scratch.

dblite - sqlite for node.js without gyp problems

  •    Javascript

Version 0.7.5 forces -noheader flag if there is no explicit -header flag so that no matter what, headers will not be used. This will eventually overwrite the .sqliterc but will make the library behavior more consistent across platforms.

dotfiles - Dotfiles for MacOS, Arch Linux and Debian

  •    Shell

A tidy $HOME is a tidy mind. These are my dotfiles, designed primarily for Arch Linux, MacOS and debian. They are my specific breed of madness, split into 2-level topics (e.g. shell/zsh) that strive for minimum $HOME presence (adhering to XDG standards where possible).

aconfmgr - A configuration manager for Arch Linux

  •    Shell

aconfmgr tracks the list of installed packages (both native and external), as well as changes to configuration files (/etc/). Since the system configuration is described as shell scripts, it is trivially extensible. Simply clone (or download+unzip) the GitHub repository. aconfmgr will install dependencies as needed during execution. An AUR package is also available.

arch-argon - lightweight GUI package manager + update notifier (with full AUR support) for Arch Linux, originally by Bob Henry Pirkle

  •    Python

Argon, which strikes a balance between the raw command line and the opulence of full-featured GUI package managers, is available from the Arch User Repository. Why "Argon"? Because if you "package" Argon in a tube, you can electrify it to get something like Arch Linux blue.

.config - Rafi's workstations (Archlinux, osx) ~/.config.

  •    Shell

There is no installation script. Configuration directories are organized neatly by defining specific environment variables in bash/exports and aliases in bash/aliases. There are some programs you'll need to create custom scripts to load the proper config files: bug-warrior, mpdscribble, mutt, mysql, ncmpc, ncmpcpp, rtorrent, tmux. See examples at rafi/.local/bin.

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