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Frogger 3D


FROGGER 3D GAME: 3D remake of the classic Konami game: you have to help 5 frogs to reach their respective holes passing over a street full of cars and a river where you can only use trunks and waterlily to pass-by without drowning. Levels: the numbers of levels is potentially...

Maze Builder Library


A builder for random maze generation

.NET Arcade Frontend for Emulators


A WinForms based frontend application for launching emulators. Works with MAME and many other emulators. Configurable game list, launch options, key bindings and appearance settings. Uses .NET 4.0 - Visual Studio 2010.

River Raid X


A clone of the classic Atari 2600 arcade game, River Raid. Uses XNA 4.0 and Neat game engine (http://neat.codeplex.com)


  •    DotNet

Just another Pong clone. I'm making this game so I can get my feet wet in game development. Using the XNA Framework. Only for the PC at this time but there will be an Xbox 360 version to come.

Liquid Impulse

  •    C++

Liquid Impulse is an open source SDL game and an Academic Project. It is a Beat Them All game, so you just have to crush everything on your way to the epic boss

arcade-expressions - ArcGIS Arcade expression templates for all supported profiles in the ArcGIS platform


This repository is intended for sharing and maintaining reuseable Arcade expressions across all supported profiles. Click on the desired profile name to view relevant expressions.

pacbrcade - Pacman museum (PC version) mod for playing Pacman BattleRoyale like it's the arcade version

  •    C++

This is a mod for having a Pacman BattleRoyale game that is like it's arcade version. Based on Pacman Museum (PC version). A d3d9.dll proxy that does some modifications to the game: bezel removal, 180 degree rotation of players 3 and 4, hiding the boot menus, and checking for some dialog boxes to bypass (thanks Michael Koch for your tutorial).

ControlBlockService2 - This is the driver for the ControlBlock re

  •    Shell

This is the driver for the petrockblock.com ControlBlock, which is an extension board for the Raspberry Pi (TM). The driver itself is denoted as controlblock in the following. The driver provides a service for interacting with the power button signals as well as for mapping attached game controllers to corresponding game pad devices on the Raspberry Pi. Please note that this is the driver for revision 2.X of the ControlBlock. If you have a revision 1.X board, you need to use the driver for that revision series.

Lode-Runner-Roku - Remake of the classsic game Lode Runner (1983) for Roku Streaming Box

  •    Brightscript

I developed this project during the nights and weekends of September/2016, after finishing the port of Prince of Persia for Roku as part of my studies about BrightScript 2D gamming API. There are six selectable sprite modes, the original Apple II, the Commodore 64, IBM-DOS CGA, Atari 8 bits, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Nintendo Entertainment System. The sound effects are from the Commodore 64 port.

retaliate64 - Remake of the space shooter game Retaliate for the Commodore 64

  •    Assembly

After developing remakes of classic 8bit games (Prince of Persia, Lode Runner, Donkey Kong, Moon Patrol) to the Roku platform (streaming box/TV OS) I decided to work the other way around, this time, developing for the Commodore 64 computer a version of one of the most successful games for Roku, the arcade-style space shooter Retaliate. I started studying 6502 assembly to work on my port of Prince of Persia, but at that time, the focus was just to understand pieces of the logic. As I own a Commodore 64 since 2015, I wanted to start a project for it, but always found too complex to start from scratch.

NeoGeoFPGA-sim - Simulation only cartridge NeoGeo hardware definition

  •    Verilog

This is being made possible by neogeodev contributors and Patreon donators: Alexis Bezverkhyy, Alexis Huet, Ange Albertini, Artemio Urbina, Arthur Lemoine, Blastar, Charly, Cyrille Jouineau, Jonathan Bayle, Laurent Lieben, Lewis Waddington, Mahen, Marshall H. (Retroactive), Maxime Mouflard, Valérianne Lagrange, .... Green is what this project is all about. Yellow is simulation/testbench files. Grey are results from simulation.

arcade-manager - Arcade management tool to handle your MAME/FBA romsets

  •    Javascript

This repository provides a rom management tool, specifically designed for use with Retropie & Recalbox. It helps you to manage and filter your rom collection by removing unwanted, bad, and unplayable games. It's also useful if you feel a bit lost among the several thousand games that full MAME romsets provides, and only want the very best. THIS TOOL DOES NOT CHANGE THE ROMSET VERSION!!! Copying files assumes you have a working, non-merged romset corresponding to the MAME/FBA version you're using. If you ever need to change your romset version, use a tool like ClrMamePro.

rygar - An emulator for the Rygar arcade game

  •    C

This is an emulator for one of my favourite arcade games from the 1980s, Rygar. You can run it in your browser.

FinalBurn-X - Capcom System I, II, III and SNK Neo Geo emulator for macOS

  •    C++

FinalBurn X is a port of FinalBurn Alpha to OS X. The goal of FinalBurn is the emulation of Capcom Systems I, II, III and SNK Neo Geo. Version 0.7 is the latest stable release. View all releases.

grumpy_visitors - 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ A prototype of a top-down EvilInvasion-like 2D arcade/action (with co-op!)

  •    Rust

Grumpy Visitors is a top-down 2D action arcade game. It's written in Rust and running on Amethyst game engine. This project is highly inspired by Evil Invasion game. Unfortunately its official site is no longer available, as it's quite old and not really popular, but here is some recorded demo gameplay to get the idea: https://youtu.be/bWpWJzb9JdE.

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