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arangojs - The official ArangoDB JavaScript driver.

  •    TypeScript

The official ArangoDB low-level JavaScript client. For development arangojs tracks the development build of ArangoDB. This means tests may reflect behavior that does not match any existing public release of ArangoDB.

RecallGraph - A versioning data store for time-variant graph data

  •    Javascript

RecallGraph is a versioned-graph data store for time variant graphs built on ArangoDB. It retains all changes that its data (vertices and edges) have gone through to reach their current state. It supports point-in-time graph traversals, letting the user query any past state of the graph just as easily as the present. It is a Foxx Microservice for ArangoDB that features VCS-like semantics in many parts of its interface, and is backed by a transactional event tracker.

foxxy - foxxy : create your app with ArangoDB Foxx RiotJS UIKIT3 Brunch Yarn

  •    Javascript

foxxy is a simple tool which help you starting with your single page application using ArangoDB / Foxx for backend and API, riotjs for views and brunch to build your assets. This will create a new folder named 'demo_app' which will contain everything you need to start your new app.

graph_migrations - Migrations for ArangoDB

  •    Javascript

I've been using ArangoDB for a couple of years now. So far the only thing I miss after moving away from a relational database is the migrations that Rails provides. The code here is just thinking out loud, its not intended for use. What's being explored here are common modifications to existing graphs.

arango-client - ArangoDB client for nodejs and web browsers

  •    Javascript

A client for the ArangoDB nosql database. This project has been tranfered to kaerus-component/arango.

arangodep - Arango deployment tool

  •    Javascript

Arango deployment tools. Since arangodep depends on program.js which is under heavy development you must make sure you have the latest/correct version until the API stabilizes. In other words, check-out frequently and report issues if you experience any problems.

slack-lunch-club - :pizza: Meet new members of your slack teams via weekly lunch matches!

  •    Javascript

Read the series of blog posts for more information about this project. This is a useful tool to help connect slack team members in a easy, fun, and spontaneous way.

proteus - Scala Driver for ArangoDB

  •    Scala

ArangoDB driver for Scala. The word 'Proteus' comes the adjective protean, with the general meaning of "versatile", "mutable", "capable of assuming many forms". "Protean" has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability. The name Proteus is a nod to the versatile and many-formed nature of ArangoDB.

scarango - ArangoDB client written in Scala

  •    Scala

Scarango is published to Sonatype OSS and Maven Central currently supporting Scala and Scala.js (core only) on 2.11 and 2.12. Scarango uses ArangoDB's HTTP end-points providing true asynchronous and non-blocking access to the database. We utilize Scala Futures in order to handle asynchronous responses. This library has two main layers of abstraction. The first is meant to be a bare-metal wrapper around the HTTP end-points to expose the maximum capabilities of the database for use. The second layer is a higher level of abstraction to simplify management of the database while still providing flexiblity and control. In the following examples we'll focus primarily on the second layer as it's generally the preferred. However, for examples of the first layer take a look at the tests for simple and straight-forward examples of use.

aqbjs - ArangoDB AQL query builder.

  •    Javascript

We don't recommend using this lib anymore. We've implemented an aql template handler in arangojs which should be used instead. The query builder allows constructing complex AQL queries with a pure JavaScript fluid API.

arangodb-php - PHP ODM for ArangoDB

  •    PHP

The official ArangoDB PHP Driver. More example code, containing some code to create, delete and rename collections, is provided in the examples subdirectory that is provided with the library.


  •    Scala

ArangoDB Spark Connector

fuerte - Low Level C++ Driver for ArangoDB

  •    C++

Fuerte is a c++ library that allows you to communicate with a ArangoDB database over the http and velocystream (optionally ssl encrypted) protocols. Fuerte is a communication library only. You will get what the other side is sending you. No conversion is done! When receiving a message fuerte provides content type and payload. In case the payload is velocypack you can access the slices with slices() when using the c++ driver. The node driver will always provide the payload as it is.

go-driver - go driver for ArangoDB

  •    Go

This project contains the official Go driver for the ArangoDB database.


  •    Java

ArangoDB Velocypack for Java

kube-arangodb - ArangoDB Kubernetes Operator - Start ArangoDB on Kubernetes in 5min

  •    Go

ArangoDB Kubernetes Operator helps do run ArangoDB deployments on Kubernetes clusters. To get started, follow the Installation instructions below and/or read the tutorial.

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