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rainbond - Serverless PaaS , A new generation of easy-to-use cloud management platforms based on kubernetes

  •    Go

Rainbond is an application-centric Platform as a Service, with innovative concept and complete ecological comes from continuous verification and optimization. By integrating best practices of Kubernetes based containers management, Service Mesh microservice architecture, CI/CD and multiple data center resource management, Rainbond provides full life-cycle management of cloud native applications, connects application and infrastructure, application and application, infrastructure and infrastructure.

WPF ShellFactory

  •    DotNet

WPF ShellFactory is an easy-to-use application framework for WPF, using a system derived from M-V-VM for its views. It supports multiple modules, either statically or dynamically loaded (i.e. plugins). Based on project- and item templates for speedy development.

HappyNet - Silverlight reference application

  •    Silverlight

HappyNet is a project using best practices to build an e-commerce web site. It is a full Silverlight application based on a solid architecture (PRISM + MVVM) and the AventureWorks database. It tries to answer some frequent needs and questions from the web.

Dynamic Component Runtime Framework (DCRF)


This project is a framework which encourages developers to think/design/implement based on component based software development approach. The high level of flexibility in this framework, makes implementing really complex component networks easy and straightforward.

IDE - Browser accessible IDE built for Go with Go server

  •    Go

Take note of the pid ID to stop server process. Once your server is up feel free to use npm start directly.If build commands keep returning the same message, push the F12 key down to open developer tools and try building again.

cozy-dev - Archived - Please use https://github.com/CPatchane/create-cozy-app

  •    CoffeeScript

Cozy Dev is a tool for Cozy Web Application developers. It makes easy to start with building an application for the Cozy Cloud Platform. Cozy Dev helps you to manage a virtual machine through Vagrant.