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GitCDN works by creating a short-cached (~2 hours cache time) lookup of the latest commit of the specified file, then redirecting you to a long-cached (~1 week cache time on edge servers, and ~1 year cache time on primary servers) version of that file. Nope! See point #2 in the How to use section above. But basically you just use /cdn/ instead of /repo/ and use a commit hash instead of master.

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Install the npm package of parse for node using the following command ."npm install parse-api" . I've used the following https://github.com/tenorviol/node-parse-api project for using parse with nodejs. Make an account on parse and insert your APP_ID and MASTER_KEY in server.js file.


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We recommend you to develop on Cloud9 IDE http://c9.io Just fork the project on github and then open it using Cloud9 IDE. To get a github-client-id and a github-client-secret, go to https://github.com/settings/applications and register a new application.

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