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HiBeacons - An iBeacons example app for iOS 10, with Apple Watch (watchOS 3

  •    Swift

HiBeacons is a fully functional demo app for the iBeacons API in iOS 10, updated for Swift 3. The app can be used to demonstrate beacon region monitoring, advertising and ranging, simply by toggling on/off three switches in the UI, or the accompanying Apple Watch app. The apps implement a basic interface for starting all the operations from the iPhone and the Apple Watch, but the state of the various beacon operation can only be seen in the phone. (The watch app acts as a simple* remote).

Marshal - Marshaling the typeless wild west of [String: Any]

  •    Swift

In Swift, we all deal with JSON, plists, and various forms of [String: Any]. Marshal believes you don't need a Ph.D. in monads or magic mirrors to deal with these in an expressive and type safe way. Marshal will help you write declarative, performant, error handled code using the power of Protocol Oriented Programming™. Unmarshaling is the process of taking an intermediary data format (the marshaled object) and tranforming it into a local representation. Think of marshaling as serialization and unmarshaling as deserialization, or coding and decoding, respectively.

GitHubContributionsiOS - Show off your GitHub contributions from your lock screen 📱

  •    Objective-C

Simple app to monitor your GitHub Contributions Graph in Today Extension and Apple Watch. Will fix issues when I am available.

the-missing-apple-watch-loader - The missing apple watch loader ⌚️

  •    Swift

Put a centralized WKInterfaceImage in your storyboard, create the @IBOutlet copy the images to the correct bundle and implement the start and stop loader.

WatchShaker - Simple motion detector for ⌚️ (watchOS) shake gesture.

  •    Swift

Simple motion detector for ⌚️ (watchOS) shake gesture. We would love for you to contribute to WatchShaker, check the LICENSE file for more info.

apple-watch-uikit - Run UIKit on the Watch!

  •    Objective-C

Note: Everything here should work with watchOS 2 and Xcode 7. Beyond that, I have no intention of keeping this project up to date with later versions.

assetpress - High quality asset resizer for iOS and Android

  •    CoffeeScript

It has been battle-tested with apps with over 300 different screens and 2000+ resources. Although AssetPress is extremely flexible and can be useful in almost any situation, I recommend a very specific workflow that allows simple and fast design process, happiest developers and highest quality result. For more information about the tool, example design files, workflow configuration options and examples, visit the project homepage.

summon - Summon a person to your exact location in a building

  •    Swift

Summon is an Apple-watch app that let's a person summon another person to an exact location within a building.

WatchActivityIndicator - An Apple Watch activity indicator


This is the image sequence I use for the activity indicator shown in Checkie for the Apple Watch when checking in. Since Apple doesn’t provide a stock activity indicator for the Apple Watch, I wrote this to mimic some common modern activity indicators (like this). Each image in the sequence is 10x10@2x and displayed for 25 milliseconds (40fps).

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