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devtraining-needit-istanbul - This repository is used by the developer site training content, istanbul release


This repository contains generated files and a checksum. Do not edit the files in this repository outside of an instance of ServiceNow.

lastbackend - System for containerized apps management. From build to scaling.

  •    Go

Last.Backend is an open source platform for containerized application management: from deploy to scale. This solution is based on container technology. All these runtimes are documented in runtime section, where are described all methods, types and algorithms.

WhatsNewKit - macOS Dialog that displays "What's New" information after an app update

  •    Swift

A convenient model to talk about Updates and Versions, a window controller to display your update notices in, and UserDefaults extensions so the user only sees the notices when she needs to. You tell WhatsNew about the current settings and then let it figure out if it needs to display the "What's New" update window or not.