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node-gcm - A NodeJS wrapper library port to send data to Android devices via Google Cloud Messaging

  •    Javascript

By April 11, 2019 users must have migrated from GCM to FCM. If you are using this library, we've already got you covered on the server side (since version 0.14.1) --- just update to the most recent version and you are good. We appreciate all the help we can get! If you want to help out, check out the Guidelines for Contributing section.

node-pushserver - Cross-platform push notifications server.

  •    Javascript

Push Server is a cross-plateform push server based on node-apn and node-gcm. Push Server currently supports iOS (APN) and android (GCM) platforms. It uses mongoDB to store the push tokens. Note that this server is not meant to be used as a front facing server as there's no particular security implemented. See MongoDB (MongoDB Download page).

apnagent - Node.js adapter for Apple Push Notification (APN) Service.

  •    Javascript

Node adapater for Apple Push Notification (APN) service.apnagent is available for node.js on npm.

push-notify - Easily send notifications over multiple protocols (apn, gcm, c2dm, mpns).

  •    Javascript

Easily send notifications over several protocols. Additional fields can be found in node-apn documentation.

datastack - Drop-in RESTful middlewares for koa

  •    Javascript

And you can now have fully operational RESTful API (and more) against two different collections.

NodeRabbitMQAPN - Node.js结合RabbitMQ实现APN推送

  •    Javascript

Apple Push Notification service with Node.js and RabbitMQ. Written and maintained by Henter.

PythonRabbitMQAPN - Python结合RabbitMQ实现多线程APN推送

  •    Python


express - Elixir library for sending iOS and Android push notifications

  •    Elixir

Library for sending push notifications. Supports Apple APNS and Google FCM services. At the moment sends pushes to FCM via HTTP and to APNS via HTTP/2 (with either ssl certificate or JWT).

TiPushNotification - CommonJS module to handle push notifications for both iOS and Android into Appcelerator Titanium apps

  •    Javascript

Yes you can use it with your self-hosted server or any other cloud services like Parse.com or Appcelerator cloud. Titanium has APIs for iOS push notifications, but unfortunately you need module to for Android.

node-sender - NodeJS Library tu push on Iphone, Android, WindowsPhone, Blackberry 5+

  •    Javascript

NodeJS Library to push on iPhone, Android, WindowsPhone. node-sender can be easily and simply send push notifications on major existing mobile systems.

PushNotifications - 🐉 A macOS, Linux, Windows app to test push notifications on iOS and Android

  •    Javascript

PushNotifications is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

apn-test - quickly test push notifications

  •    Javascript

See the node-apn documentation for more details. Pass in args to the CLI with this syntax: apn --foo=bar.


  •    Javascript

DEPRECATED : NOT MAINTAINED ANYMORE I'm using Trails now, if you want access to this repo to contribute and maintain it, please let me know. Base on node-gcm and apn modules.

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