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throat - Throttle a collection of promise returning functions

  •    Javascript

Throttle the parallelism of an asynchronous, promise returning, function / functions. This has special utility when you set the concurrency to 1. That way you get a mutually exclusive lock. This returns a function that acts a bit like a lock (exactly as a lock if concurrency is 1).

mpromise - Promises/A+ conformant implementation

  •    Javascript

A promises/A+ conformant implementation, written for mongoose.An mpromise can be in any of three states, pending, fulfilled (success), or rejected (error). Once it is either fulfilled or rejected it's state can no longer be changed.

p0 - Minimal Promise/A+ 1.1 implementation.

  •    Javascript

Minimal and fast Promise/A+ 1.1 implementation. It's all you need to pass the tests and build your own extended API. Fill free to use specs as more descriptive documentation.

concurrent - Promises/A+ with Scala Awesomeness

  •    Javascript

Concurrent supports the bare bones Promise implementation that supports then(onFulfilled, onRejected), fulfill(value), reject(reason). Concurrent also provides a Future class which inherits from Promise. It has a lot of syntactic sugar on top of the Promises/A+ spec based on the Scala Future API.

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