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APlayer - :lollipop: Wow, such a beautiful HTML5 music player

  •    Javascript

APlayer is a lovely HTML5 music player to help people build audio easily.

vue-aplayer - :cake: Easy-to-use music player for Vue 2.x

  •    Vue

Detailed changes fro each release are documented in the release notes. Feel free to open an issue if you find a bug or have a nice idea.

APlayer-Typecho - 在线音乐播放器插件 for typecho 1.0

  •    PHP

Q: 如何清除歌单、歌词缓存? A: 为了减少服务器压力,插件设置对歌单、歌词数据进行缓存,缓存会根据时间周期自动更新管理,无需人工干预。如果需要强制清除,可以通过禁用再启用插件实现,不影响文章中歌曲信息 ...

hexo-tag-aplayer - Embed aplayer in Hexo posts/pages

  •    Javascript

Embed APlayer(https://github.com/DIYgod/APlayer) in Hexo posts/pages.Besides 'lrc' option, you can use aplayerlrc which has end tag to show lyrics.

MetingJS - :cake: A powerful plugin connect APlayer and Meting

  •    Javascript

MetingJS allow you to use self-hosted API, more information about Meting. MetingJS © metowolf, Released under the MIT License.

react-aplayer - :lollipop: A React wrapper component of APlayer

  •    Javascript

Other props are exactly the same with original APlayer, please check the docs for more details. Event handlers are triggered when corresponding event happens, it takes a callback function as parameter.

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