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Kong - The Microservice API Gateway

Kong is a cloud-native, fast, scalable, and distributed Microservice Abstraction Layer (also known as an API Gateway, API Middleware or in some cases Service Mesh). Backed by the battle-tested NGINX with a focus on high performance, Kong was made available as an open-source platform in 2015. Under active development, Kong is used in production at thousands of organizations from startups, Global 5000 and Government organizations.

alpaca - Given a web API, Generate client libraries in node, php, python, ruby

You define your API according to the format given below, alpaca builds the API libraries along with their documentation. All you have to do is publishing them to their respective package managers. Join us at gitter if you need any help.

duckrails - A development tool to quickly & dynamically mock API endpoints

DuckRails is a development tool. Its main purpose is to allow developers to quickly mock API endpoints that for many possible reasons they can't reach at a specific time.

express-gateway - A microservices API Gateway built on top of ExpressJS

Express Gateway is an API Gateway that sits at the heart of any microservices architecture, regardless of what language or platform you're using. Express Gateway secures your microservices and exposes them through APIs using Node.js, ExpressJS and Express middleware. Developing microservices, orchestrating and managing them now can be done insanely fast all on one seamless platform without having to introduce additional infrastructure. Express Gateway is commerically supported LunchBadger. For more information about support plans please contact info@express-gateway.io.

Nakadi - A distributed event bus that implements a RESTful API abstraction on top of Kafka-like queues

Nakadi is a distributed event bus broker that implements a RESTful API abstraction on top of Kafka-like queues. It provides abstract event delivery via a secured RESTful API, Enable convenient development of event-driven applications and asynchronous microservices, Efficient low latency event delivery.

httplog - Log outgoing HTTP requests

Log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helps with debugging pesky API error responses, or just generally understanding what's going on under the hood. Requires ruby >= 2.2.

justgo - Skeleton for jump-starting a Go-powered microservice project with Docker and Go best-practices + easy code hot-reloading (for dev environments)!

A helpful builder for a light-weight Go skeleton project takes care of a lot of boilerplate in jump-starting a Go-powered microservice development with Docker and Go best-practices. Easiest way to create a new project skeleton is to install JustGo CLI tool. There's no necessity to install Go on your machine, since the setup provides fully functioning Go environment in a Docker container.

forcejs - Micro library to use the Salesforce REST APIs in JavaScript Apps

ForceJS is a micro-library that makes it easy to use the Salesforce REST APIs in JavaScript applications. ForceJS allows you to easily authenticate with Salesforce using OAuth, and to manipulate Salesforce data using a simple API. Applications deployed inside a Salesforce instance (Visualforce Page or Lightning Components) can use one of the data access utilities built into the Salesforce Platform instead: JavaScript Remoting, Remote Objects, Lightning Data Service, etc.

rivet - Keep your clients and APIs in sync

Rapid, modern web service development, which typically involves layers of microservices, reaches a point where a single, non-backwards-compatible API change affects multiple teams. This in turn leads to cascading service failures and finger-pointing. Rivet defines a solution where each service tests itself against real clients to assert that no interfaces have broken any clients at each step of the way. Read more in the Getting Started docs.

toolbox - A collection of tools, APIs and other resources to use in creative coding web projects.

T∞lbox is a collection of tools, APIs and other resources to use in creative coding web projects. Do you know a cool library or API that should be here? Send me suggestions to improve this list by creating an issue or with a pull request.

ciao - a minimal C++ web framework (beta)

a minimal C++ web framework inspired by lor framework which respects Sinatra style.

diver - Dive into the Docker EE APIs

This is a tool to interact with the APIs of the Docker Enterprise Edition products enabling an end user to provision, manage and monitor the platform. QUICK USAGE From your local machine go get github.com/thebsdbox/diver however you may need to retrieve any dependancies or tooling.