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connexion - Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation & OAuth2 support

  •    Python

Connexion is a framework on top of Flask that automagically handles HTTP requests based on OpenAPI 2.0 Specification (formerly known as Swagger Spec) of your API described in YAML format. Connexion allows you to write a Swagger specification, then maps the endpoints to your Python functions; this makes it unique, as many tools generate the specification based on your Python code. You can describe your REST API in as much detail as you want; then Connexion guarantees that it will work as you specified.With Connexion, you write the spec first. Connexion then calls your Python code, handling the mapping from the specification to the code. This incentivizes you to write the specification so that all of your developers can understand what your API does, even before you write a single line of code.

sqler - write APIs using direct SQL queries with no hassle, let's rethink about SQL

  •    Go

SQL-er is a tiny portable server enables you to write APIs using SQL query to be executed when anyone hits it, also it enables you to define validation rules so you can validate the request body/query params, as well as data transformation using simple javascript syntax. sqler uses nginx style configuration language (HCL) amd javascript engine for custom expressions. RESTful server could be used to interact directly with i.e mobile, browser, ... etc, in this mode SQLer is protected by authorizers, which gives you the ability to check authorization against another 3rd-party api. Each macro you add to the configuration file(s) you can access to it by issuing a http request to /<macro-name>, every query param and json body will be passed to the macro .Input.

Hoppscotch - Open source API development ecosystem

  •    Vue

Hoppscotch is an open source API development ecosystem. It is light weight and can send fast requests and get/copy responses in real-time. It supports WebSocket, Server Sent Events, Socket.IO, MQTT and GraphQL. You can also install as a PWA (Progressive Web App) on your device.

Cockpit - Add content management functionality to any site - plug & play / headless / api-first CMS

  •    Javascript

Cockpit is a self-hosted headless and api-driven CMS. It is a simple content platform to manage any structured content. Cockpit is not a web site builder. It is a content provider. Consume the content the way you want. It is focusing just on the back-end work to manage content. Rather than worry about delivery of content through pages, its goal is to provide structured content across different channels via a simple API.

PostWoman - API request builder - A free, fast, and beautiful alternative to Postman

  •    Vue

PostWoman is an API request builder which is a free, fast, and beautiful alternative to Postman. It is lightweight, Crafted with minimalistic UI design. Faster, lighter, cleaner, minimal & responsive. Send requests and get/copy responses in real-time.

Statamic - Flat-first, Laravel + Git powered CMS designed for building beautiful, easy to manage websites

  •    PHP

Statamic is built as a highly extendable, standalone capable, Laravel package. If you’re already a Laravel developer, you’ll feel right at home extending core features with Models, Service Providers, and Middleware. You can even drop it into existing Laravel applications to add a full CMS in seconds.

trefle-api - 🍀 Trefle is a botanical JSON REST API for plants species, allowing you to search and query over all the registered species, and build the next gardening apps and farming robots

  •    Ruby

⚠️ Unfortunately, Trefle is over for now. 🍀 Trefle is a botanical JSON REST API for plants species, allowing you to search and query over all the registered species, and build the next gardening apps and farming robots.

hubspot-php - HubSpot PHP API Client

  •    PHP

All following examples assume this step. By setting http_errors to false, you will not receive any exceptions at all, but pure responses. For possible options, see http://docs.guzzlephp.org/en/latest/request-options.html.

python-api-checklist - Useful checklist for building good Python library APIs, based on "How to make a good library API" PyCon 2017 talk: https://www

  •    HTML

Useful checklist for building good Python library APIs. Based on the "How to make a good library API" PyCon 2017 talk. Edit the Markdown .md files inside lang directory.

Gemini - Create full backend REST APIs in minutes

  •    Java

Gemini is a backend REST framework to automatically create CRUD REST APIs from scratch (with no coding), starting from a simple Schema definition called Gemini DSL. Gemini automatically handles creating all the storage and entity managers, Creating all the common REST methods and controller, OAuth2 // WIP authentication.


  •    PHP

SymfonyZero-API is a free fully functional kickstarter edition. You can use it as a base for your Symfony web projects with a Web API architecture. SymfonyZero-API helps you to build web projects more quickly, saving time in the early stages of the development. You can build the backend with Symfony offering an API Rest which you can use to connect the frontend made with another technology. In this documentation you can learn about how to install, configure and how you can help to improve it. SymfonyZero-API is an alive project and we'll be adding new features and improvements, so stay tuned for new updates.

mobx-rest - REST conventions for Mobx

  •    Javascript

REST conventions for mobx. MobX is an excellent state management choice to deal with those three realms: It allows you to represent your state as a graph while other solutions, like Redux for instance, force you to represent your state as a tree.

sticker - Sticker is a powerful yet boilerplate-free alternative to writing your web API.

  •    Python

Write boilerplate-free Python functions and use them as your API handlers. Sticker allows you to choose Flask, bottle.py, Sanic, or Tornado as your application runtime. You need a little bit of Python.

webgo - A very lightweight & simple web framework for Go

  •    Go

Please refer to the Sample app built using webgo: webgo-sample to see how webgo's capabilities can be used. Supported HTTP methods are: OPTIONS, HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE.

instructions - Restful API microservice built with Golang and Gin

  •    Go

Restful API microservice built with Golang and Gin

wispy - Lightweight (remote procedure call) API pattern inspired by GraphQL/SOAP

  •    Javascript

An easy (remote procedure call) pattern to communicate your client with your server, i.e. execute functions or piece of code living in your API end without any hassles of creating multiple endpoints (REST) or managing complex schemas (GraphQL). Server essentially exposes functions or methods which can be called by client with standard JSON payload along with passing any parameters to it.

hubspot-php - HubSpot PHP API Client

  •    PHP

Hubspot API client. The sequel to my perfectly functional wrapper of HubSpot/haPihP. client. However, this is a complete re-write and includes some of the new COS/v2 endpoints. All following examples assume this step.

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