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Tipe - Next Generation API-first CMS for developers

  •    Vue

Tipe is next Generation API-first CMS. It helps to shape and design content for any project you and your team are working on. Focus and create meaningful content without blocking development. Access your content on any app or platform with our sophisticated next generation APIs.

Gentics Mesh - The open source headless CMS for developers

  •    Java

Gentics Mesh is an Open Source API-first CMS for developers. All contents can be stored/updated and retrieved using the REST API. Gentics Mesh provides the means to organize your contents in terms of a content tree, or rather a node tree. Nodes can be hierarchically structured if a container schema is provided.

Alpine - An opinionated scaffolding framework that jumpstarts Java projects with an API-first design, secure defaults, and minimal dependencies

  •    Java

An opinionated scaffolding library that jump-starts Java projects with an API-first design, secure defaults, and minimal dependencies. Alpine provides the basis for quickly developing a 'Thin Server Architecture'. This type of architecture shifts the role of webapps to being API providers with little or no responsibility for server-side HTML rendering. This type of architecture is perfect for client-side rendered webapps that rely heavily on JSON, for Single Page Applications (SPA), and to power back-ends that drive mobile applications.


  •    HTML

This example shows how to use Gentics Mesh in combination with Vert.x. The Gentics Mesh GraphQL API is being used to located the requested content. This content is used by vertx.x to render various Handlebars templates.


  •    Javascript

A tool for API First development. It allows you to describe API specification as a test. This API spec is one of Mocha test. So you can validate it with Mocha.

contenta_jsonapi - Contenta CMS, the decoupled Drupal

  •    PHP

Contenta is a content API and CMS based on Drupal 8. It provides a standard, jsonapi-based platform for building decoupled applications and websites. Check the full installation instructions below for the commands to restart the web server and regenerate the login link. You will need to install Drush.

gin-swagger - DRY templates for go-swagger

  •    Go

gin-swagger is a tool assisting in writing golang REST APIs based on a API First Principle. Given a swagger spec of your REST API, gin-swagger can generate all the boring boilerplate stuff for you, so you only have to implement the core business logic of the API. It is based on go-swagger which is used for the code generation.

peregrine-cms - an api first, head optional cms with based on vuejs and apache sling

  •    Java

Peregrine CMS (PER:CMS) is a Head Optional, API First Content Management System based on Apache Sling. It uses VueJS for the administration interface and can use any type of rendering (server side, react, vuejs, etc) for client facing websites. After the installation is complete a browser window opens (you may have to refresh the window). You can log in to Peregrine CMS with admin/admin as credentials.

TriTan-CMS - TriTan CMS is a developer centric content management framework that allows you to go completely headless or nearly headless

  •    PHP

TriTan is a developer centric, lightweight content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF). It is easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to extend. The majority of TriTan's codebase is derived from WordPress, however, TriTan is not a fork of WordPress. It also should not be seen as a replacement for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any of the top used CMS's out there. The main purpose of TriTan is to give developer's an option that is geared toward how they think, how they code, and how they build websites. Although you can use TriTan for your traditional CMS needs, you can also use it to build API centric applications.

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