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dredd - Language-agnostic HTTP API Testing Framework

  •    Javascript

Dredd is a language-agnostic command-line tool for validating API description document against backend implementation of the API. Dredd reads your API description and step by step validates whether your API implementation replies with responses as they are described in the documentation.

drakov - Mock Server that implements the API Blueprint specification

  •    Javascript

We have setup a google group to assist with the answering of questions any users of Drakov may have. Since version 1.0.2, a version of the Drafter package is being used, which attempts to install the version with C bindings (faster), but falls back if compilation of this package fails to Drafter.js.

snowboard - API blueprint toolkit

  •    Go

API blueprint toolkit. The latest executables for supported platforms are available from the release page.

protagonist - Protagonist is Node.js wrapper for the API Blueprint parser

  •    C++

Protagonist is a Node.js wrapper for the Drafter library. API Blueprint is Web API documentation language. You can find API Blueprint documentation on the API Blueprint site.

fitting - RSpec matchers for controller response validation against API Blueprint documentation

  •    Ruby

This gem will help you implement your API in strict accordance to the documentation in API Blueprint format. To do this, when you run your RSpec tests on controllers, it automatically searches for the corresponding json-schemas in the documentation and then validates responses with them.Also you will get not covered responses in the file fitting/not_covered.

draughtsman - API Blueprint Parser for Python 3

  •    Python

API Blueprint Parser for Python 3. Draughtsman is a Python binding for the API Blueprint parser drafter. Draughtsman provides a parse function which returns a Refract ParseResult. See Python Refract for more information interacting with the parse result.

drafter - Snow Crash parser harness

  •    C++

Drafter is complex builder of API Blueprint. Internally it uses Snowcrash library, reference API Blueprint parser. API Blueprint is Web API documentation language. You can find API Blueprint documentation on the API Blueprint site.

drafter.js - API Blueprint parser in JS

  •    Javascript

drafter.js is a pure JavaScript version of the drafter library. It is built from the C++ sources using emscripten. It's API compatible with Protagonist, the Drafter Node binding. drafter.js can be installed from NPM, or it can be downloaded from the releases page.

dredd-example - Example application using Dredd and CI

  •    Javascript

This is an example application to demonstrate how easily you can employ the Dredd testing framework as part of your API design life cycle. There is a sample Gist Fox API implementation in the app.js file. Every time code of the application is changed and the changes are sent to GitHub, they are tested by Dredd in CI against both API Blueprint and Swagger API description formats. If the implementation doesn't follow description of the API, the CI build would fail.

dredd-transactions - Compiles a list of HTTP transactions (request-response pairs) from API description document

  •    Javascript

Dredd Transactions library compiles HTTP Transactions (simple Request-Response pairs) from API description document. Note: To better understand emphasized terms in this documentation, please refer to the Glossary of Terms. All data structures are described using the MSON format.

dredd-rack - The Dredd API blueprint testing tool for your Rack applications.

  •    Ruby

This gem provides a Dredd runner and a dredd rake task to make API blueprint testing convenient for Rack applications. When verifying blueprints locally, an application server is automatically set up, without need of any manual intervention. Besides being convenient, that allows to use the API blueprints as acceptance test suites to practice BDD with Dredd and RSpec, for example, while clients developers use Apiary as a mock server.

gulp-aglio - Gulp port for the aglio project

  •    HTML

Port of aglio to gulp. Renders standard HTML documentation for REST APIs through the gulp build system.

mill - ☴ An annotation-based DSL for documenting a REST API.

  •    PHP

Mill is a PHP library for documenting a REST API with a small annotation DSL. It was built for automatically generating the Vimeo API documentation microsite, and can be compiled down into API Blueprint files.

hercule - :recycle: Simple document transclusion, ideal for Markdown documents

  •    Javascript

Write large markdown documents, including API Blueprint, while keeping things DRY (don't repeat yourself). Hercule is a command-line tool and library for transcluding markdown, API Blueprint, and plain text. This allows complex and repetitive documents to be written as smaller logical documents, for improved consistency, reuse, and separation of concerns.

hiro - Generates HTML from API Blueprints using the Snow Crash command line tool Drafter and Iglo.

  •    Go

Generates HTML from API Blueprints using the Snow Crash command line tool Drafter and Iglo. Hiro requires Drafter v3.x to be installed.

SwiftAPI - Swift API Code generator based on APIBluePrint

  •    Swift

SwiftAPI provides an efficient tool to generate executable Swift API codes from API Blueprint documents directly. And it'll relieve you from trivial works on writing API codes. It also includes some tools to convert JSON to various models, Thanks to Nix Zhu's open source project Coolie . Install Draft Command line tool, which will help to parse API Blueprint into JSON format AST file.

node-hariko - Mock Server that implements the API Blueprint specification.

  •    Javascript

Mock Server that implements the API Blueprint specification. Filename in the node-glob format of API Blueprint.

phpdraft - An API Blueprint parser in PHP

  •    HTML

We got some fun stuff, check the wiki for more. For writing API documentation using API Blueprint syntax. You can read about its specification.

blueman - Convert a generated API Blueprint JSON file into a Postman collection

  •    PHP

Convert an API Blueprint JSON file into a Postman collection.

api-docs - 🤖 API documentation for Kitsu

  •    API

Kitsu is a modern anime discovery platform that helps you track the anime you're watching, discover new anime and socialize with other fans. This is our api docs repository. Check out the meta, client and server repositories.

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