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flask-assistant - Framework for Building Virtual Assistants with API.AI and python

  •    Python

A flask extension serving as an API.AI SDK to provide an easy way to create virtual assistants which may be integrated with platforms such as Actions on Google (Google Assistant). Flask-Assistant allows you to focus on building the core business logic of conversational user interfaces while utilizing API.AI's Natural Language Processing to interact with users.

api-ai-workshop - Dialogflow Workshop Material

  •    Go

Dialogflow Workshop Material. This can be used to create a Conversational Agent for a simple Linear Conversation using Dialogflow.

AssistantJS - TypeScript framework to build cross-platform voice applications (alexa, google home,

  •    TypeScript

As you can see, AssistantJS supports you in building more varied voice applications per default. Just use our template syntax ({Allright|Okay}) or pass all alternatives in an array. Thanks to our convention over configuration rulesets, we are greeting google assistant users different than alexa users. We could even greet them device-specific thanks to these conventions. Oh, and as you can see, inheriting intents (like the helpGenericIntent above) from other states (here: ApplicationState) is also possible.

react-native-dialogflow - A React-Native Bridge for the Google Dialogflow (API.AI) SDK

  •    Javascript

A React-Native Bridge for the Google Dialogflow AI SDK. Dialogflow is a powerful tool for building delightful and natural conversational experiences. You can build chat and speech bots and may intergrate it in a lot of platform like twitter, facebook, slack, or alexa.

apiai-go - Unofficial Go SDK for api.ai

  •    Go

This library allows you to integrate Api.ai natural language processing service with your Go application. For more information see the docs. We encourage you to follow this official guide to get started in 5 steps before proceeding.