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mod_auth_openidc - OpenID Connect Relying Party and OAuth 2

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mod_auth_openidc is an authentication/authorization module for the Apache 2.x HTTP server that functions as an OpenID Connect Relying Party, authenticating users against an OpenID Connect Provider. It can also function as an OAuth 2.0 Resource Server, validating OAuth 2.0 bearer access tokens presented by OAuth 2.0 Clients. This module enables an Apache 2.x web server to operate as an OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) to an OpenID Connect Provider (OP). It authenticates users against an OpenID Connect Provider, receives user identity information from the OP in a so called ID Token and passes on the identity information (a.k.a. claims) in the ID Token to applications hosted and protected by the Apache web server.

mod_auth_mellon - An Apache module with a simple SAML 2.0 service provider

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mod_auth_mellon is an authentication module for Apache. It authenticates the user against a SAML 2.0 IdP, and grants access to directories depending on attributes received from the IdP. You will also require development headers and tools for all of the dependencies.

playAccessLogger - Generates access logs compatible with Apache httpd (enhanced combined format)

  •    Scala

Play Framework does not provide a facility for generating access logs, so you cannot monitor user activity. If Play is front-ended with nginx or Apache httpd, the generated logs by the front end process does not contain user ids, which makes it difficult to track user activity. play-access-logger solves these problems. This project is sponsored by Micronautics Research Corporation, the company that delivers online Scala and Play training via ScalaCourses.com. You can learn exactly how this filter works by taking the Introduction to Scala, Intermediate Scala and Introduction to Play courses.