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ngx-admin - Admin dashboard template based on Nebular framework (Angular 4+, Bootstrap 4) previously known as ng2-admin

We will continue supporting ng2-admin version, but if you are starting from scratch we recommend using ngx-admin version. Unfortunately, there is no way to update from ng2-admin to ngx-admin, but some parts (Nebular components) could be manually included.This template is based on Nebular framework, documentation and other useful articles could be found here.

angular-starter - :tada: An Angular Starter kit featuring Angular (Router, Http, Forms, Services, Tests, E2E, Dev/Prod, HMR, Async/Lazy Routes, AoT via ngc), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript, TsLint, Codelyzer, Hot Module Replacement, @types, and Webpack by @TipeIO

An Angular starter kit featuring Angular 5, Ahead of Time Compile, Router, Forms, Http, Services, Tests, E2E), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript, @types, TsLint, Codelyzer, Hot Module Replacement, and Webpack by AngularClass.This seed repo serves as an Angular starter for anyone looking to get up and running with Angular and TypeScript fast. Using a Webpack 3 for building our files and assisting with boilerplate. We're also using Protractor for our end-to-end story and Karma for our unit tests.


Webpack plugin that AoT compiles your Angular components and modules.

Llvm.NET - LLVM Bindings for .NET

Active development of Llvm.NET has moved to Ubiquity.NET This is to better support future projects leveraging LLVM.NET under a single GitHub organization isolated from the legacy .NET Micro Framework interpreter engine contained in the NETMF organization to help prevent confusion between the projects.Llvm.NET provides LLVM language and runtime bindings for .NET based applications. Llvm.NET's goal is to provide as robust Class library that accurately reflects the underlying LLVM C++ model. This is done through an extend LLVM-C API bundled as a native windows DLL (LibLLVM.DLL). Llvm.NET uses the support of LibLLVM to gain access to the LLVM class library and project it into a .NET managed library that reflects the original class library design. The goal is to match the original class model as closely as possible, while providing an object model to .NET applications that feels familiar and consistent with common styles and patterns in .NET Framework applications. Thus, while class, method and enumeration names are similar to their counterparts in LLVM, they are not always identical.

ngx-scrollspy - Angular2 ScrollSpy Service

You can use this angular2 service to spy scroll events from window or any other scrollable element. Finally, you can use ngx-scrollspy in your Angular 2 project. It is recommended to instantiate ScrollSpyService in the bootstrap of your application and to never add it to the "providers" property of your components, this way you will keep it as a singleton. If you add it to the "providers" property of a component it will instantiate a new instance of the service that won't be initialized.

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