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language - A fast PEG parser written in JavaScript with first class errors

  •    Objective-J

Language.js is an experimental new parser based on PEG (Parsing Expression Grammar), with the special addition of the "naughty OR" operator to handle errors in a unique new way. It makes use of memoization to achieve linear time parsing speed, and support for automatic cut placement is coming to maintain mostly constant space as well (for a discussion of cut operators see: www.ialab.cs.tsukuba.ac.jp/~mizusima/publications/paste513-mizushima.pdf). The most unique addition Language.js makes to PEG is how it handles errors. No parse ever fails in Language.js, instead SyntaxErrorNodes are placed into the resultant tree. This makes it trivial to do things like write syntax highlighters that have live error reporting. This also means that Language.js is very competent at handling multiple errors (as opposed to aborting on the first one that is reached).

ANTLR C# grammar


This project will generate a C# 4.0 parser using ANTLR v3.2. Then you can add your own logic to do what you want. It generates CSharp target and has a reasonably small amount of code for the preprocessor in the lexar.

Javascript DLR Engine

  •    Javascript

A Javascript Engine built on top of DLR.



SheepAspect (formerly known as SheepAop) is an AOP tool for the .NET platform, inspired by AspectJ. It uses IL weaving to inject croscutting concerns to your dll at compile time. (Soon, SheepAOP will also support IL weaving at assembly load-time as an alternative, leaving ori...

TextFlow - Language-based WF Workflows

  •    CSharp

TextFlow is a language-based workflow compiler and execution environment. It allows authors to create Windows Workflow-based executable programs using a language syntax as opposed to drag and drop in the WF designer. The project consists of several parts: an authoring enviro...

antlr4cs - The original, highly-optimized C# Target for ANTLR 4

  •    Java

⚠️ Starting with release 4.5.0-alpha003, users are no longer required to install the Java Runtime in order to compile .NET applications using ANTLR 4. However, installing Java will dramatically improve the performance of the code generation process. It is highly recommended, especially on developer machines where background code generation is used for IntelliSense functionality. The C# target for ANTLR 4 uses Java for compiling applications. The resulting compiled C# applications will not require Java to be installed. You can install any of the following versions of Java to use this target.

Kin - Simple PBXProj Verifier

  •    Python

Kin is a minimalistic tool to check whether your project.pbxproj file is correct. Have you ever found yourself undoing a merge due to a broken Xcode build? Then Kin is your tool. It will parse your project configuration file and detect errors.

logical-rules-parser-antlr - A simple example of a parser built with ANTLR

  •    Java

A simple example of a parser built with ANTLR. There is the blog post describes the parser.

antlr4ts - Optimized TypeScript target for ANTLR 4

  •    TypeScript

This project has separate requirements for developers and end users. 💡 The requirements listed on this page only cover user scenarios - that is, scenarios where developers wish to use ANTLR 4 for parsing tasks inside of a TypeScript application. If you are interested in contributing to ANTLR 4 itself, see CONTRIBUTING.md for contributor documentation.

antlr4-graps - ANTLR Grammar Parsing Service

  •    ANTLR

ANTLR4 graps (Grammar Parsing Service) is a TypeScript node module using the TypeScript ANTLR runtime (antlr4ts) created by Sam Harwell. At the time being this runtime is still considered alpha, while it works already quite well. This will be the last release of antlr4-graps as a standalone module. It looks like there's no general interest in such a special module. Instead it will continue its existance in the only application that uses it so far: ANTLR4 for Visual Studio Code.

antlr4example - A Java example for Antlr4

  •    ANTLR

A quick Antlr4 Java example. The example uses antlr4-maven-plugin to compile the grammar arithmetic.g4 and parse an arithmetic expression: the pythagorean theorem.

antlr4-grammars - Precompiled Go versions of most of the grammars on https://github

  •    Go

Precompiled Go parsers of many of the grammars on github.com/antlr/grammars-v4. The Antlr's Go Target is still a work in progress. As such, many of the grammars fail to compile, or only pass simple tests. To report issues with the grammar go here, to report issues with Antlr's Go Target go here.

python-solidity-parser - A Solidity parser for Python built on top of a robust ANTLR4 grammar 📚

  •    Python

ⓘ This is a python3 port of the javascript antlr parser maintained by @federicobond. Interfaces are intentionally following the javascript implementation and are therefore not pep8 compliant. Parse-tree nodes can be accessed both like dictionaries or via object attributes. Nodes always carry a type field to hint the type of AST node. The start node is always of type sourceUnit.

soql-parser-js - Javascript SOQL parser

  •    TypeScript

This library is written in Typescript and all type definitions are included with the library for your benefit if you choose to use Typescript or use VSCode's automatic type checking. ⚠️ antlr4 is dependency for this library and is a rather large library (~600 KB) and is required for the parser to function. Consider using dynamic imports to achieve lazy loading.

astminer - A library for mining of path-based representations of code (and more)

  •    Kotlin

A library for mining of path-based representations of code and more, supported by the Machine Learning Methods for Software Engineering group at JetBrains Research. astminer was first implemented as a part of pipeline in the code style extraction project and later converted into a reusable tool.

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