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wordpress-comment-blacklist - A simple solution for WordPress comment spam.


Sometimes simple is better. Since 2011, I have painstakingly identified and compiled over 27,000 phrases, patterns, and keywords commonly used by spammers and comment bots in usernames, email addresses, link text, and URIs. As with all compilations, this blacklist is a work in progress and there will always be room for improvement and optimization.

nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone - yup

  •    Javascript

anti spam using both Akismet.com and StopForumSpam.com

no-mention-spam - This very simple bot written in discord

  •    Javascript

If a user mentions more than 25 unique members in a single message, they are banned. The reasoning behind 25 users (which could be lower) is that no one should ever do that anyway, and the only instance of it ever happening is spambots that mention in the upwards of 50 users per message, as fast as they can. This disrupts the flow of conversation, and also attracts all users into the attacked servers, generally leading to more collateral spam. In extreme cases this could make the server go into "slow mode" for a while, where all operations are slowed in order for the server not to affect others on the same Discord shard.

socket-anti-spam - :vertical_traffic_light: Tired of users spamming your socket

  •    Javascript

Keeps track of how many socket.emit's an ip has submitted under a certain timeframe and determine if it is spammy behaviour. If the module determined the user is spamming the socket will receive a temp ip ban. Everything is customizable. All connected sockets will have a object binded to them full of information that socket-anti-spam keeps track of. This includes how much 'spamScore'someone has. If a socket is doing a socket.emit his spamScore will increase. The module will give all sockets connected a -1 spamScore every second (no intervals!). if the spamScore is above a certain spamScore threshold the socket will be disconnected. If the socket keeps spamming after a certain kick threshold, the socket will be temp ip banned.

email-encoder - A lightweight plugin to protect email addresses from email-harvesting robots by encoding them into decimal and hexadecimal entities

  •    PHP

A lightweight plugin to protect plain email addresses and mailto links from email-harvesting robots by encoding them into decimal and hexadecimal entities. Has effect on the posts, pages, comments, excerpts and text widgets. No UI, no JavaScript — just simple spam protection. For detailed installation instructions, please read the standard installation procedure for WordPress plugins.

fluxbb-new-recaptcha - An easy-to-install addon for FluxBB integrating Google's new reCAPTCHA system

  •    PHP

An easy-to-install addon for FluxBB integrating Google's new reCAPTCHA system. After installation, head to your FluxBB administration panel. In the left-hand menu, under "Plugins" select "reCAPTCHA". Enter your credentials as provided by Google and save. The addon should now start working. Head to the registration page to confirm everything is okay.