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sqlcheck - Automatically identify anti-patterns in SQL queries

  •    C++

sqlcheck automatically detects common SQL anti-patterns. Such anti-patterns often slow down queries. Addressing them will, therefore, help accelerate queries.sqlcheck targets all major SQL dialects.

performance-optimization - Guidance on how to observe, measure, and correct common issues in a cloud-based system

  •    CSharp

This repo contains sample code for a set of performance antipatterns. Documentation and guidance for these patterns can be found on the Azure Architecture Center. For each antipattern, the documentation describes why the antipattern typically occurs, symptoms of the antipattern, and techniques for resolving the problem. The corresponding sample code shows (1) the problem and (2) a recommended way to fix the problem.

hold_please - Disable ActiveRecord callbacks.

  •    Ruby

Because ActiveRecord callbacks are a bad idea. They're way too easy to misuse and should probably be removed from Rails altogether. But, as some Rails core team members in favor of the removal have pointed out, that will probably never happen. But that's no reason not to protect yourself and your loved ones.